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Wow. I am blown away continually by people I find on youtube! I was looking for a girl singing “Thriller” to see how it would sound if we did it next week at Varsity, and found this girl. She is a student at Berklee Music, although she could pass for a freshman in highschool. She also has gone on tour already for folks as big as G. Love. This video only has 6,000 or so views on it now, but I can guarantee this girl is going to be huge in music and on youtube. You can also buy a cd of her originals on iTunes now, and check out more of her music on her Youtube Page.

Youtube Spurs Music Creativity

I believe that there is more creativity on youtube with music than there is in a lot of places. It’s not unoriginal to take an idea of video looping and take it to a new level. Multi-track song editing and video editing is the new gig. This video is seriously amazing, and I wish I had the mind to be so creative and one day hope I can come up with something so clever. Enjoy. Also check out their youtube page PomplamooseMusic

You can purchase this song for .99 on iTunes HERE

Another youtube artist I hope to see music on iTunes very soon is Airto He sounds like Stevie Wonder and has just some amazing singing ability. I hope he keeps with the old style songs and I think he will do great. Amazing vocals and talented on many instruments as well. Here he is performing one of my favorite songs by Adele, “Chasing Pavements”

Here is my cover of Sam Sparros “Black and Gold”. My hope with this song, like a the others, is that you’ve never heard it and you’ll check it out and download the original version. He is a unique artist, but has a very cool sound. Make sure you visit my YouTube Page to subscribe, rate, comment, favorite and all that fun jazz. That will help me out a ton! I hope you enjoy and let me know what you think!

ALSO, I know my site traffic has increased drastically but for some reason it’s all a bunch of lurkers. I don’t know who you are but I know you are all checking it out! So please feel free to comment. If you hate it, great, if you love it, awesome. Just let me know who you are and what you think!

Julia Nunes is Garage Band

Forget the mixing, and recording all the seperate tracks with Garage Band or any of that jazz. Julia Nunes does it all with layering videos over each other where she records everything from the drums, which are sometimes tissue boxes, harmonies, extra parts, tamborines, and other instruments I’ve never heard of. Anywho, she is my next prediction for artist from youtube you will see on MTV very soon. She has already gone on tour with Ben Folds in between her video recordings and being in college! Anywho, Check out a couple of her videos here and enjoy. I would recommend going to youtube and subscribing to her videos!

That Green Gentleman- Panic at the Disco. (Don’t be afraid it’s actually a great song!)

Accidentally in Love- Counting Crows