So, I’ve always been a fan of Fridge magnets and decroations. Maybe one day some graphic artist will get into designing Fridge Wraps, so you can design your whole fridge maybe? Anywho, we all have them and we all love them. Some people like the clean fridge but I love lots of things on there. I have magnets from Sea World, Charleston, Biltmore, pretty much anywhere I go now I look to see if they have fridge magnets. My view on collections is that they are for you and noone else. We try to show them to friends and they are like, “Yeaaah, cool” but since I find joy in having my little fridge magnets all over the place, I will continue to get them! It’s like Fridge Flair, and my MINIMUM requirement for that is 24… Anywho, a blogger out there WorshipCity continued on a fun blog game his friend Alex started up. So Here’s the deal:

1. Take a picture of your fridge
2. Optional (but cool) – upload your photo to the flickr “show us yer fridge” group and tag everything on your fridge. If you click on my fridge above you’ll see what I’m talkin about.
3. Write a post about your fridge (with the picture)
4. Comment here and show me your link to your blog post.
5. Go to Alex “Show Us Yer Fridge” Page and leave a comment posting to your blog.
6. We will have a fun time!