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I am sorry if you don’t live in Greenville, but I have been waiting for something like this to happen for a long time here. We had something like it that was only with PCs and just a ton of them hooked up to lan to play some Counter-Strike. This is hardcore though. It has PCs, wii’s, 360s, and my personal favorite PS3’s. Some folks are social drinkers, I’m a social gamer. I can only game for real when I’m around other people. If I try it at home I get bored quickly with no social interaction on mics or in the chat on screen. This is something I will be checking out and enjoying a lot of.

Lot’s of membership options, and the premium membership even hooks you up with a free tee.

Check out there site at LFGCG

Not only is it a huge awesome looking facility, but it’s a pretty prime location on Butler Rd., just off of 385. Excited to win some prize money in COD4 tournaments in the future. I had 2 surgeries this past year that made me take Lortab and chill at home all day for weeks and now dominate in this game.

Hope to see you there!

Sadly for all of you Wii Fit enthusiast but it was declared a waist of time pretty much. The folks at diet health did a little test on the performance of the Wii fit and monitored heart rate during various exercises. It barely made it into fat burning zone only on the “fake running”. I think there are things better for exercise than a board that comes 1 inch off the ground. Watch the video and give your own opinion!