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Viva La Whaaa?

This kids version is quite well produced and very funny to me. I may just be strange, but I crack up every time I watch this.

Student Worship Band Compilation

Here is a view videos of the band that plays for the Wired and Varsity Ministrys at Brookwood Church.
This is only a view of the kids who play and we have a lot more talent that is in the band but used these guys on one sunday morning. I thought I would put all the clips from this Sunday together in one blog so people could check them out! Here they are.

One extra note! I am showing these videos so people can be encouraged seeing students lead worship in such a big way! God is moving in a huge way in these students life and they are opting to lead worship and even write songs glorifying God and to me that is amazing! I knew that this could never happen through my will but only if God wanted it to happen, he brought in some kids with great hearts and it has exploded and been growing ever since!
Viva La Vida Cover

Beautiful the Blood

We Shine

Sing, Sing, Sing

All To You

Man, i’m sooo excited about the new coldplay album I can’t even tell you. I think there are two albums this year that I will listen to non-stop. Thats Coldplay and Jamie Lidell. They just posted the video for there single that was a free download on there site a couple weeks ago “Violet Hill”. If you haven’t heard it get the best deal and hear and see it!

Also, my wife noticed that this song sounds a lot like “Thats All” by Genesis. Also sounds a bit like of some of Phil Collins stuff. I wonder if they expect people to pick up on the influence. I’m almost willing to say its the same chord progression slowed down!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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WOW! Even the videos resemble each other!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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