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Kitten cam will be ending soon, and we have made a lot of friendships and met lots of cool people on ustream.
So, the folks that do well on ustream have a purpose, some reason they live stream.
After the kittens are gone, what will I do with it.
Jason @ Coffeecupnews suggested I really wake up and do the live 3am stream where I do stuff or try to answer questions.
Giveaways work really well.

It’s build up a lot of folks we’ve connected with and want to keep doing occasional shows and have fun with it.

What would you live stream?

People are so acquainted with my bathroom maybe I will live stream other parts of my house.
“3amjosh in the Kitchen” or dining room, living room, spare bedroom, attic, front porch, roof, etc.
I’m sure I will come up with something silly that no one cares to watch, but you never know! I never thought kittens would draw over 125,000 views in several weeks.

Ustream.tv Pwns

So, kitten cam has gotten nearly 100,000 views in 5 weeks and has really messed with my head. Anywho, just yesterday ustream.tv was giving me some sort of crazy connection error and wouldn’t let me connect with any browser on any computer to stream. My first thought was it was our internet filter, SafeEyes, that was causing some issue and just blocking it randomly, but it seemed to be a widespread event with other ustream cams to be down as well.

So I sent out a tweet:
@3amjosh Something is wrong with @ustreamtv @ustreamtvsupport Won’t let me broadcast on any browser. Kitten cam viewers not happy! Help!

and within a minute or two I received this @ reply
@ustreamsupport: @3amjosh what happens when you try?, DM me your number and I can help troubleshoot

So I sent a DM with my number and within 1-2 minutes I was on with tech support for ustream.tv! No waiting while listening to horrible music, sent out a tweet, gave them my number and in minutes I was on the phone with an extremely helpful ustream support guy, who even has been a fan of kittens cam and wanted to get it back up and running A.S.A.P.

It was some sort of bug in the ustream.tv system that was messing up a lot of the streams but they fixed it within 20-30 minutes and all of the viewers were happy again.

It’s a new age of customer service. To be able to send out a cry for help and be helped out kindly and quickly is huge! Is your company online looking to see what folks are saying about you? It seems if your not, you might have some customers who when in distress might switch services. Get someone from your computer scanning twitter now!

Exciting Happenings!

Ok. So on top of God doing lots of cool things in my job and bringing students forth that we need and the student band growing to be pretty huge He is also letting me do pretty neat things through my 3amjosh.com site and videos!

I can’t make any promises yet but I’m working my best to set up some interviews with some pretty top notch bands and really hoping that happens!

Also, this IS happening! I have been chatting with a guy who has been on CNN and on Chris Pirillos ustream which was also featured on CNN. He has agreed to do a phone interview with me live at 3a.m.! It will be 8 pm for him but its still exciting. I will also in the video be featuring all of the things he has accrued so far. Its a pretty amazing story and its been on CNN once and it will be on the Today show and all of that good stuff soon. I jumped on the chance for him to advertise for me and I would advertise for him, although at this point he is much more popular than I am but its a pretty brilliant idea! More to come on that later!