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Kitten Cam

Here are our kittens on their Live 24 hours a day 7 days a week camera feed. Lillian(mama cat) is sick so can no longer nurse so now my wife and I have to nurse her. I just heat up the rise bag and make sure the milk is up to temperation while she does the hard work. Anywho we will feed them and all that jazz on here as well. Watch Them Grow!


Alrighty I don’t want to promote these guys too much but we have kittens and their tiny. They lay in a huge ball as you can see and are awesome. ANYWHO. I have a usb extension cable on the way so we can have a live ustream of the kittens while they grow up some over the next 2 months until we can give them away.


Do you have an iPod or iPhone or just want a collection of the best blogs around the net? Well check out Pimpmynews.com. I don’t usually promote people but pimpmynews is where I go to see whats going on. Anywho it’s amazing.

My favorite part is that if you see an article you don’t have to go to a new page to view it. It just pops up right there with the article as well as any video file or picture attached. I will continue to check it out and hope you do as well!

Jamie Lidell Is Amazing

Ok. This guy is amazing and is coming to the US. If you want to join my wife and I we are going to his concert in Washington,DC in June. Its only 15 bucks and we have a place we are staying. He will be a classic artist no doubt.