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Twitter Gods Twitter Trimming

This is short and simple. I’m hoping to raise a question and pick some nerves here.

A.How many people do you follow?
B.How many people follow you?

If B is far above A, why?

Guest Blog

I got a little post published as a guest blog on ChurchCrunch.com To see the article click HERE

Human3rror has several cool sites running and I’m excited to see where all he goes with Church Crunch.

Friday My Day.

I don’t do well alone for long. So on Fridays when I’m off work, my wife is at work, I have to force myself to do things, otherwise I get depressed and do nothing. I’m fueled by people, so when I’m alone I get dull and bored. So usually on friday I will make a video, do laundry (At the laundry mat) clean up around the house, and hit the gym all before my wife gets home. Tonight we are going to see Matthew West at Brookwood so that will be a good time to get some of my social cravings out.

Are you like me and thrive on social interaction, or would being along make you a machine that will work all day long?

Thankfully I have some level of interaction at home on Fridays which is twitter, Bloggeries(where I do some reading of cool blogs and comment) and youtube. Thank goodness Fred is back on so I can catch up on his newest episodes.

Christian Twitter Spawn Gospelr

UPDATE! After discussing our similar mission and views with Gospelr creator Human3error I decided I was a bit harsh with my blog post and I agree I should be encouraging to brothers who have a mission. Forgive me if you read it, I’m still very young and not always the best at communicating my thoughts in a loving way. Anywho, to sum up my views on Gospelr.com, I’m a bigtime promoter of Roaring Lambs and how we should do great things in culture by joining it and not running from it. I actually was turned onto the book by Brian Pirkle and Lanny Donoho when I finished my internship with Bigstuf.

So I hope that Gospelr does great. I think it could be used as a tool for prayer requests and to me that is a great tool, because we can never have enough prayer in our lives.

1. Click the next button on this blog and comment on WHOEVER’s blog you get. Reach out to the lost.
2. Talk to folks on twitter who you know aren’t believers and continue to keep that relationship going.
3. If you are on Twitter, follow more people than are following you. Dive into their lives just like Christ did with us.
4. Don’t blog on just your views on church and Christianity. You can do quite a bit more by allowing non-christians to stumble on your blog and what you can communicate with them. Let people know who you are.
5. If you choose to post on Godtube I would also suggest posting the same thing on Youtube. My hope is that people make really funny, creative videos that can appeal to everyone and make a difference.

So my apologies for judging and tearing down where I was called to lift up. I think in some ways I can be who I don’t want to be the most!

You can also read the suprisingly positive review from Techcrunch HERE

OMG. “You might as well not existed!” This is the best thing in the world!

Twitter Church Musical

This is just my thoughts on how Twitter with church leaders is reminding me a lot of the teens popularity contests and what they desire in “High School Musical”

I’m all about Church people using Social Networking in an effective, outreach way. To read more about this later check out my previous post: “The Next Button Theory”

I’m a little discouraged in how I see a majority of church leaders using twitter. Instead of a tool to connect people to what is going on in their church as well as their lives, making them a little more open to the public on a personal level, I see it being used in a popularity contest, self-promotion sort of way.
I am not saying all church leaders who use twitter are promoting themselves but lets look at the results.

A majority follow 10-15 people while having hundreds sometimes thousands of followers. What a leader.
Look at a popular twitter guy Jason Calacanis. Over 33,000 followers and following 36,000 people… Hmmm… I have chatted with him a couple times in live chat on ustream.tv and he has also responded to me personally. I’m not saying I’m anyone big but I think he understands that to do the best he can he needs to lift up all of those around him.

So what are Church leaders doing only following 20 or so people. We are being outdone by people who have a better idea at how to connect with people! I think we should be following FAR more than we are being followed by. Not to gain followers, but to listen to what people are up to and what they are dealing with. I’m no expert on this but something seems way off here.

I don’t think we will get to heaven and God will be like, “Wow, 20,000 followers, you are somebody” He will be more like “Wow, you chose to pay attention to 10 people”

Lets think of it this way. In your church, do you want only a select few to feel like they know you and can talk to you and you care what is going on in their lives, or do you want everyone to feel that way. I know this is the way in a lot of churches are with so many attending, it makes it hard to connect but open your eyes and see God has given you a way to make people feel more connected, although on a somewhat service level, it still makes them feel like you care.

So, if you are a church leader why do you have soooo few followed and so many followers. Check your heart, if you are seeking popularity of yourself, you should be thinking the popularity of our Savior and how you can impact his life. There are TONS of broken and lost people out there and lots of them are on twitter!

Don’t follow me, because that’s not what I’m asking, but look through your followers and think of the difference you can make if they get an e-mail saying you’re following them, you’re paying attention to what is going on in their lives. You don’t have to reply to everything they say to you, especially if you’re seeing thousands of tweets a day, just simply paying attention is a way to step out there and say you care.

Links…My first ever!

Lots of blogs I read do posts of just stuff they go to. So here are some things that I check out EVERYDAY!

A collection of Hand Written Blogs that anyone can post to. It seems to be growing but off to a slow start.

I check this on Fridays to see the music from the past sunday at my church because I’m usually upstairs during the worship and run down for the message on the last service. So if you see me running in late it’s not because I’m late.

Everyday is a new shirt and I have to see it. I’m totally addicted…

Insanely addictive but a great tool for networking.

I’m pretty active on the lost forums and a pretty big nerd for that…

If you have not done a tweetscan on yourself, your company, your favorite word(Mine is “yowza”) go here and see what people are saying about it, or you.

Have trouble with punctuation? Check out my favorite punctuation books site Eats, Shoots, and Leaves. Fun punctuation game to keep you in practice. Who said grammar can’t be fun.

If you want to know more about wine, this guy knows his stuff! Video blogs on wine tasting and pairing. Very cool!

Some other stuff I really do check and try to comment on daily are all the blogs you see in my blog roll over there —————————————>
Read them, comment on them! Some great stories by lots of cool people.

After you check out these links, PLEASE go to the top of this page, click the “NEXT” button to go to a blog you have never read before, comment on them and make a new friend.

Big Things

No this isn’t about me having some important announcement or some new crazy invention( if you don’t know me, I come up with some new crazy idea more than once a day and once I do I’m fully dedicated and annoy people with it), but it is about me realizing how Big my God is. He does things and lets me be a part of things all the time that are big. Looking at my previous posts I’ve not posted much about what I’m about and what cool things God shares with me in my life.

I am part of what I can almost say without a doubt the best ‘student led’ worship bands in the nation. I think we will have more video up of them playing recently, but they are really just an amazing group of students. Please allow me to say, I am not boasting about my self in any way with this but God has truly taken the reigns on this and provided everything we needed and more. In the technology, social networking I know we all have attitudes of me me me, but for this let me say Him, Him, Him. I am little and with the doubt in my heart that this would ever take off proves how I wasn’t fully faithful in what He was doing. So the student bands are literally blowing my mind and it looks like God is providing great student singers to eventually take the reigns fully in leading there peers in a level of worship that won’t be able to be contained.

This social networking beast of blogs, tweets, 12seconds, streaming, and facebook are really much more of tools to be used than to be frowned upon. I know that in our culture time is something we are robbed of often by what we watch on tv, working to much(which seems just like anything we do in excess Satan is winning and God is not,hmmmm), or focusing to much on our familys. I assure you, if you take advantage of these tools to really connect with people who you haven’t connected with you will be delighted to see what can happen.

My church, wow. God is really soaring in every aspect of every ministry right now and it’s unbelievable to see the growth and dedication of people. We are reaching out to the community in big ways by giving them a new student facility, having a “university”, helping families with autism, helping families with anything and everything. We live in a very broken world, and we aren’t here as followers of Christ to condemn and cast out judgement, but we are here to lift them up and show them life. I would have never known life and how amazing it could be if it wasn’t for very amazing people my entire life who knew Christ and shined that light on every dark part of my life that all was left was brokenness and the fact I realized I couldn’t be complete without having that relationship with Him. Those people, the ragamuffins, the poor, the addicted, messed up marriages, messed up kids from their messed up families, single moms, I could go on and on, but what I’m trying to say if we are to be like Christ we are to go and sit and have dinner with the ones that noone likes. I am blessed to say that my church is fully committed to making sure that every person that walks in that door doesn’t feel like they are surrounded by Almighty people but they are with people whose lives are destroyed and broken down so God can be seen and lifted up.

If you read ANYTHING-read this!
Just like we do in our church world, I think there is a community out there that we are shutting out. We all go and comment on blogs of other churches and people doing the things we do. But have we really thought about the advantage of what God has given us? We don’t need another support system for ourselves, God supplies that through fellowship you have, prayer, and most likely people you work with in ministry. There is a broken world out there blogging and telling there stories everyday. Have you read them? Have you not judged them and just read it and left an encouraging comment? I don’t think this whole social networking tool will be fully used for God’s intentions for it, until we take ourselves out of the equation, our own agendas, and we go seek the lost and we encourage them through our relationships and how we live our lives.

So here is my challenge. Today, go find someone’s blog you’ve never read. Just click the next button. I’m sure you will come to something where someone needs some encouragement or a place to build a relationship so they can fully live life! Let’s stop worrying about promoting ourselves and start looking to connect with people who don’t even understand!

One more thing, Follow someone you wouldn’t follow on twitter. Become a friend, seek the lost people and help them share the same joy you have!

Man, I have been thinking about how much stuff has come out in the past 3 years and how consuming they can be. To name a few things,
Getting Married, New jobs, PS3, ipod video, ipod touch, macbook air, the final harry potter book, twitter, twitpic, 12seconds, ustream, pimpmynews, TWINKLE, brightkite, Wipeout, smart cars, steam car cleaning, starbucks opens 13,000 stores, starbucks closes around 1,000 stores, gas prices stink.

Anywho, those are just a few things and I know lots of them are recent. With that said, I’m already a busy guy and can only keep up with a few things so I’ve compiled some things that I most definitely won’t disconnect from because they help keep me creative, connected, and are just fun.

Twitpic- Honestly, I love taking pictures and doing a micro photo blog of my life. I’m nearly up to 100 pics on there and I’m not slowing down. Not to mention my Razr takes some pretty great pictures!
Twitter- It’s great to get suggestions, share links, see what others are doing and build a network
12seconds.tv- I will use this more once I have a better video enabled phone. My current Razr takes great pictures but horrible video and miserable audio
Brightkite- Mainly to build up a database of some places I’ve been to and have photos from those places for other folks to see. It’s like feedback in real-time for a company. Way better than writing a review it’s in real time and you can share it with your friends
Facebook- Although the ads now are ridiculous it’s fun to stay connected with friends who refuse to switch over to twitter.
Twinkle- By far the best iPhone app out there. I can see local tweets from people around me and it helps me stay informed with whats going on. Say a concert or a wreck, or a good sale at PacSun.
Google Reader- Just gotta love it for the inbox style of blogs I read. I do get lazy and go back and have like 100 blogs to read but I have fridays and saturdays off so it’s a nice way to spend my morning

These are things I will most definetly stay plugged in with till something comes along that is better. It blows my mind how the world continues to shrink as technology enlarges and gets people connected in a way that is productive, fun, and interesting. I didn’t get to go see the concert but I saw a picture from it while someone was there. I didn’t see the earthquake but I saw footage of the aftermath before any news station could imagine getting there thanks to 12seconds.tv.

As I have said before people are really beggining to take control over what is going on in the media world. Are you up to date? Is your company? Have you done a tweetscan on your company to see what people are saying about you? Have you searched your business on Brightkite to see who is coming there and what they are noticing? Do you know where your friends are at any given moment?

The world will catch up in a little while and it may lose its luster but for now it sure is a lot of fun. Let’s not make it pointless with useless things but keep it interesting!