Hashtags create community, in just one word, that you can immediately find out who is interested in the same things. You don’t have to join the group, get approved, have friends already that you know are interested. It’s sort of a self-affirmation, but more so it let’s you know that you have others that are like you.

Just like this picture I’ve got above here. Star Wars conventions are something that sprung to my mind when I thought of people who all have the same like and gather together, dress up silly, and share on what they all know a ton about. So if I want to find other folks who like the same thing, I simply just use the hashtag, or make it and send it out to other folks to see if they like it.

Facebook makes that so much harder, and with the new layout, you can’t easily find your groups without visiting your own profile to see what groups you are a part of.

Hashtags start up a conversation and it runs strong. Some have not been created yet, and some just aren’t very strong yet. One that I know I will be a part of is #nailbiter. I may only tweet about it once, but I get in trouble all the time with my wife for it.

Hashtags are super easy, facebook groups are pretty much dead to me.
Join the flow of the hashtag, or find folks with like interest and see what they have said about it.

UPDATE: Orangejack asked a good tool to use to follow hashtags, and today Tinker was released as announced by TechCrunch
Also, I recommend using Twemes or Search.Twitter