Ok, so there is a HUGE competition going on at my favorite T-shirt design site, Designbyhumans.com. Some friends from Greenville have a pretty cool t-shirt that is a tribute to tees and all they do for us. You can vote for it HERE or if you don’t want to click there you can click Help Annie and Chris Win By Clicking Here and Voting Right now and then telling your friends to do the same

It may take you one minute to sign up for the site but once you do come back to my site if you can’t find their tee and click HERE to make sure that you vote on the right shirt. Also, it won’t hurt if you leave a comment like, “Wow, you’re amazing” or “Dude, I’m so excited about this shirt I sent a picture of it to Santa” or “This T-shirt Changed My Life”

Either way, support some local, amazing artists from Greenville,SC and vote HERE

I’ve put them on my blogroll, but just noticed they put up a cool Timelapse video of how they made this t-shirt happen Right Here So once you’ve voted and commented, go check out their blog to see the cool time lapse video!