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T-Shirt Obsession 101

Well, if you know me you usually see me in lots of different t-shirts. Not Hollister, Abercrombie or American Eagle. Not even Hurley, DC, or Element. I’m talking t-shirts designed by folks who submit them. I am allowed to get one t-shirt a month and usually wait till the last minute so I can see all the shirts. I love over-size printed shirts and very cool designs. One of the sites I purchase lots of shirts from is Uneetee http://www.uneetee.com/?uneeteam=Guitaruguru88 . If you like there stuff create an account through that link so I can get some benefit of sharing the good news. Also these guys have started to let you earn money by submitting pictures of you wearing them and I’m pretty sure I’ve got some pretty stellar ones.

Anywho, if you buy any t-shirts from them let me know. I don’t want everyone around Greenville wearing the same shirt as me and I’m sure a lot of you don’t either. So if your like me and try to be unique this site truly rocks.