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So, as a former intern at Bigstuf and enjoying all the information brought by Reggie and the laughs that Lanny would always create, I’m excited to see the ideas and new things that come out of Orange Conference this year. So, here are the break-outs I’ll be checking out and why:

Breakout A: Orange-ology: The Teen Years- Part 1… Why? I work with students who I’m helping to lead people in worship and I could use having some more insight on students
Breakout B: OrangeOlogy: The Teen years- Part 2… Why? Same reasons as above 😀
Breakout C: INFLUENCE: Moblizing the Next Generation… Why? This is what I do and I want to know how to do it better. We have 26 students in various worship bands that lead worship for middle and high schoolers and have led worship for over 8,000 at our 15th year anniversary. I want them to be awesome at what they do!
Breakout D: MESSAGE: The Art of Producing a Sunday Experience… Why? Looking for ways to better connect our students during worship.

So there you go. I’m excited about meeting a lot of folks I have connected with in twitter in real life, and excited to see how God will bring the team I am a part of closer together.

A Life Worth Living

Ready To Rock
I am so thankful for my position, leaders, mentors and people God has put in my path to be involved with. To learn from, to teach, be guided, and guide. Today we celebrated Brookwoods 15th anniversary, which I have been there for 14 of those years! I have grown up with this family and seen amazing people speak into my life and build me to be the person I am today. I am far from perfect but I love God, adore my Wife, and am blessed in more ways that I can express in one blog. It was a great day to see all of the folks from our church family join together as one to worship what God has done, and what he will continue to do.

The part God has me plugged into and allows me to be apart of is the student worship bands. We have over 20 students now plugged into different bands and growing rapidly. He is letting them use their talents to praise Him and teaching them what worship is about and equipping them to be worship leaders in their colleges, schools and churches. I am so thankful God has included me in this plan. I know that I can’t do any of it on my own, but only by God’s divine plan and purpose will it continue to grow. So step back from your own agenda and see what God has planned for you.

This is a little piece of gold for my soul I will hold close to my heart always! I left my video camera in the green room and some of the band decided to be silly and record this video:

These guys have a heart for God and for other people. They are creative, passionate and have only just begun to live their lives. I am blessed to be a part of their journey and will look back on this clip and others like it. We deal with hard things, we aren’t all perfect, but we are all given grace and by that we can have joy like this that will continue on for eternity. It won’t be short lived, it won’t be forgotten. I am pretty sure I’ll be remembering this very moment in heaven and savoring the gift it was from God.

I want to live a life that fills up other people and that is full of joy, even in the pain. We have had many hardships in our church over even just the past couple of weeks, and this day all of that was forgotten, and God was praised through all the craziness!

Youtube Student Singers

I blog about music, especially youtube music a lot. Some folks say that it’s copying and there isn’t anything original, but i’m seeing more talent on youtube than I see on the radio or iTunes everyday.
Not only are people covering songs in their own way, but the recording quality is getting better and people and people’s interpretations of songs is exciting me.

I work with students and love seeing teens doing great things with music and this guy PhillyPepper1000 is a great example of that.
Working with student bands and student worship, I often consult youtube covers to see if it is feasible for us to do a good job of songs, and came across this cover of Lifehouse “Storm”

Mostly I search out songs from the radio like 1,2,3,4 and New Soul to see how students do with it but i’m very impressed with this guys vocal talent and awesome acoustic playing. Enjoy! If you read this keep being creative. Let this motivate you to create great content, and flood the internet with it!

Here is his cover of Paramores “Hallelujah” Amazing!

Songs We Sing

The Student Bands at Brookwood for Varsity and Wired have been blessed over and over with more students and more talent. I just wanted to share some videos of songs we have done. This is some of our high schoolers leading in worship for other high schoolers, and to me that is just a crazy cool thing! God is big and has some huge plans for this ministry and it’s a fun ride never knowing what’s next.

Spring of Life-Kristian Stanfill

Hallelujah- Paramore

Our God is Love- Lee Mcderment

First up we have the Varsity Band on youtube. The Wired band youtube page is coming as well! Anywho, if you’d like to keep updated on the videos from Varsity, Brookwood Church high school ministry, full of crazy cool lights, fun songs and all that jazz. If you’d like to subscribe on youtube click HERE Here is the first video of one of our favorite songs to do, although we do it very seldom now. We will keep it updated with all the special songs, and any new songs we do. Hope you enjoy the clips, and if you like go to the page and comment and rate the videos!

Oh yeah, we are keeping track of views and reporting all that with the rest of the stuff so we aren’t violating any copyright laws, for now.
Coming up later from tonight will be “Spring of Life” by Kristian Stanfill, “Our God is Love” by Lee Mcderment(I actually asked him if it was alright that we used this song months ago, great song!) and “Hallelujah” by Paramore