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Everywhere I Go

We had fun covering Lincoln Brewsters new single “Everywhere I Go”
This was a fun night especially with some different folks from high school playing in the band. The reason we created the “Varsitybad(s)” youtube page is because it’s GROWING bigtime. We have an audition in a couple of weeks that is somewhere around 16-20 kids auditioning for different parts. I’m very excited to see God grow this ministry in such a huge way and using students to lead in worship and getting skills they will need when they head off to college.

You will probably see very soon the middle school band, that’s right it’s led by middle schoolers, doing a special night of leading worship for the High Schoolers! Let me tell you they are just as good as these guys! God is doing huge things in the ministries at Brookwood and this is just one of them!

Coldplay Viva La Vida Cover

Recently, one of the student bands I work with that plays for lots of ministries at Brookwood Church got to lead worship for the main service. We played 5 songs, with one of them being Coldplay’s “Viva La Vida”. The song to me is very interesting especially when someone shared with me what they thought the meaning of the song was. Talking about how Christ was reigning over man from Heaven, but came down as a main to “sweep the streets alone”. I’m not sure if that is what Chris Martin wrote the song about but I like that explanation for myself. Anywho, here is the video and if the dubbing is off please forgive me. I actually uploaded this to the wrong youtube account and it will be switched over soon. Check it out now though while you can!