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Coffee Beans. I need to try more.

I’m a fan of coffee, and if you haven’t already seen my test with Coffee And Cereal on Youtube, check that out first. I love brewing coffee at home and making it the strength I like, and just drinking it black sometimes paired with some good chocolate or just something good that goes with it.

Anywho, I was curious if anyone knows of some amazing coffee bean out there that I could grind and give it a shot! I’m looking into doing something with this in the future but for now just curious what folks favorite coffee beans are. Being a former employee of Starbucks for over 2 years, I’m pretty partial but to the annual blends and a couple of the regulars. Here are my Top Favs.

Komodo Dragon- I will drink this anytime. It’s always good and never lets me down.
Pike Place- It is really quite delicious. It’s the standard now so don’t get burnt out on it.
Arabian Mocha Sanani- This I ONLY drink with a french press. It’s great earthy, smokey taste is
Paired great with some chocolate. It’s almost like a Cigar, but coffee!
Lots of the annual blends like Anniversary Blend, Christmas Blend(counting down the days for this one), and occasional an Italian Roast(Which is not Italian, it’s just the roasting style)

There is a local coffee shop in Travelers Rest that I’ve not gotten the opportunity to spend too much time in although I did stop by while mountain biking the Swamp Rabbit Bike Trail that connects downtown greenville to downtown TR. Anywho, the coffee shop Leopard Forest Coffee Company, who owns a coffee farm in Zimbabwe, ships the beans back and roasts them in the store. They have some great selections, and this winter I plan on spending many hours there while I”m back in school getting work done. It’s a little more quiet and less traveled and feels extremely homey compared to a Starbucks or Atlanta Bread Company.

So, what do you drink? Do you roast at home? Do you buy them ground or grind them at home? What sort of coffee pot do you use? How much do you drink? Do you drink it black or sass it up with all the extras?

Starbucks Promotes Exercise

This morning on my visit to starbucks, the girl at the drive thru took my card after saying “good morning” and told me about some cool stuff.

If you have a gym membership, on Tuesdays that qualifies you for a free Vivanno shake. It’s a protein and fiber enhanced drink for a good post work-out pick me up. If you exercise hard then you really should try it out!

Flavors are a banana mocha or an orange mango banana! The banana mocha has 22g of protein and the orange mango gas 16g of protien.

Also, if you get coffee in the morning you can come after 2 for an ice drink that will only put you back 2 bucks!

It’s worth trying out and the free shakes will keep going until the end of September!

So no more excuses, even starbucks will help out with shaping up!

Oh yeah, right now I’m on the bike at peak fitness typing this up on the wordpress app on my touch! Get Fit!

Man, I have been thinking about how much stuff has come out in the past 3 years and how consuming they can be. To name a few things,
Getting Married, New jobs, PS3, ipod video, ipod touch, macbook air, the final harry potter book, twitter, twitpic, 12seconds, ustream, pimpmynews, TWINKLE, brightkite, Wipeout, smart cars, steam car cleaning, starbucks opens 13,000 stores, starbucks closes around 1,000 stores, gas prices stink.

Anywho, those are just a few things and I know lots of them are recent. With that said, I’m already a busy guy and can only keep up with a few things so I’ve compiled some things that I most definitely won’t disconnect from because they help keep me creative, connected, and are just fun.

Twitpic- Honestly, I love taking pictures and doing a micro photo blog of my life. I’m nearly up to 100 pics on there and I’m not slowing down. Not to mention my Razr takes some pretty great pictures!
Twitter- It’s great to get suggestions, share links, see what others are doing and build a network
12seconds.tv- I will use this more once I have a better video enabled phone. My current Razr takes great pictures but horrible video and miserable audio
Brightkite- Mainly to build up a database of some places I’ve been to and have photos from those places for other folks to see. It’s like feedback in real-time for a company. Way better than writing a review it’s in real time and you can share it with your friends
Facebook- Although the ads now are ridiculous it’s fun to stay connected with friends who refuse to switch over to twitter.
Twinkle- By far the best iPhone app out there. I can see local tweets from people around me and it helps me stay informed with whats going on. Say a concert or a wreck, or a good sale at PacSun.
Google Reader- Just gotta love it for the inbox style of blogs I read. I do get lazy and go back and have like 100 blogs to read but I have fridays and saturdays off so it’s a nice way to spend my morning

These are things I will most definetly stay plugged in with till something comes along that is better. It blows my mind how the world continues to shrink as technology enlarges and gets people connected in a way that is productive, fun, and interesting. I didn’t get to go see the concert but I saw a picture from it while someone was there. I didn’t see the earthquake but I saw footage of the aftermath before any news station could imagine getting there thanks to 12seconds.tv.

As I have said before people are really beggining to take control over what is going on in the media world. Are you up to date? Is your company? Have you done a tweetscan on your company to see what people are saying about you? Have you searched your business on Brightkite to see who is coming there and what they are noticing? Do you know where your friends are at any given moment?

The world will catch up in a little while and it may lose its luster but for now it sure is a lot of fun. Let’s not make it pointless with useless things but keep it interesting!