This morning on my visit to starbucks, the girl at the drive thru took my card after saying “good morning” and told me about some cool stuff.

If you have a gym membership, on Tuesdays that qualifies you for a free Vivanno shake. It’s a protein and fiber enhanced drink for a good post work-out pick me up. If you exercise hard then you really should try it out!

Flavors are a banana mocha or an orange mango banana! The banana mocha has 22g of protein and the orange mango gas 16g of protien.

Also, if you get coffee in the morning you can come after 2 for an ice drink that will only put you back 2 bucks!

It’s worth trying out and the free shakes will keep going until the end of September!

So no more excuses, even starbucks will help out with shaping up!

Oh yeah, right now I’m on the bike at peak fitness typing this up on the wordpress app on my touch! Get Fit!