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Man, I have been thinking about how much stuff has come out in the past 3 years and how consuming they can be. To name a few things,
Getting Married, New jobs, PS3, ipod video, ipod touch, macbook air, the final harry potter book, twitter, twitpic, 12seconds, ustream, pimpmynews, TWINKLE, brightkite, Wipeout, smart cars, steam car cleaning, starbucks opens 13,000 stores, starbucks closes around 1,000 stores, gas prices stink.

Anywho, those are just a few things and I know lots of them are recent. With that said, I’m already a busy guy and can only keep up with a few things so I’ve compiled some things that I most definitely won’t disconnect from because they help keep me creative, connected, and are just fun.

Twitpic- Honestly, I love taking pictures and doing a micro photo blog of my life. I’m nearly up to 100 pics on there and I’m not slowing down. Not to mention my Razr takes some pretty great pictures!
Twitter- It’s great to get suggestions, share links, see what others are doing and build a network
12seconds.tv- I will use this more once I have a better video enabled phone. My current Razr takes great pictures but horrible video and miserable audio
Brightkite- Mainly to build up a database of some places I’ve been to and have photos from those places for other folks to see. It’s like feedback in real-time for a company. Way better than writing a review it’s in real time and you can share it with your friends
Facebook- Although the ads now are ridiculous it’s fun to stay connected with friends who refuse to switch over to twitter.
Twinkle- By far the best iPhone app out there. I can see local tweets from people around me and it helps me stay informed with whats going on. Say a concert or a wreck, or a good sale at PacSun.
Google Reader- Just gotta love it for the inbox style of blogs I read. I do get lazy and go back and have like 100 blogs to read but I have fridays and saturdays off so it’s a nice way to spend my morning

These are things I will most definetly stay plugged in with till something comes along that is better. It blows my mind how the world continues to shrink as technology enlarges and gets people connected in a way that is productive, fun, and interesting. I didn’t get to go see the concert but I saw a picture from it while someone was there. I didn’t see the earthquake but I saw footage of the aftermath before any news station could imagine getting there thanks to 12seconds.tv.

As I have said before people are really beggining to take control over what is going on in the media world. Are you up to date? Is your company? Have you done a tweetscan on your company to see what people are saying about you? Have you searched your business on Brightkite to see who is coming there and what they are noticing? Do you know where your friends are at any given moment?

The world will catch up in a little while and it may lose its luster but for now it sure is a lot of fun. Let’s not make it pointless with useless things but keep it interesting!

It hasn’t made it to the news yet but it will be shortly. Bird Flu is alive and well on one of my favorite social networking sites Twitter. I’m never sure when I click on the Twitter bookmark whether its on safari or on my iPod touch if I will get either nothing or the dreaded “Something is Technically Wrong” message which is the new blue screen of death for a lot of users out there.  Macs aren’t immune to this one either…Sorry.

Hopefully the folks at twitter will either be bought out by google so they will have the server space or someone will support them.  With no ads anywhere on twitter where are they getting their funding anywho?  I have no idea.  

If this doesn’t end soon people will most likely move on and find something else that someone is currently developing now.  I guess the question I ask myself is, 10 years down the road will I care how many followers I have and how many updates I’ve done.  Does twitter even exist 10 years down the road?  Am I said when I see that I have over 1 million updates?  At my funeral will they just show my life blog via twitter?  It really is like a journal updated constantly.  Although most argue it’s an enormous waist of time it is pretty unique in how you can connect and network with others.


With all that said, Twitter….. GET WELL SOON.  I will be bringing some balloons and chicken noodle soup.  



This site is brilliant. You choose your keyword such as 3amjosh. If its available you then control it. Someone can send a text that says 3amjosh to 41411 and it will send them back a text with whatever message I choose. Advertising and getting alerts out is quite easy and quick with this. They have some other unique tools that you can use to send out group messages to your subscribers and you can update your response from your cellphone if something were to change. Pretty brilliant especially paired with a nice shirt from Reactee.com