I’ve been doing a lot of learning and growing in what I know about Christ and His heart and who God really is.
I’m finding more and more my previous image of God was extremely pixelated.

Pixalation: The display of large, blocky pixels in an image, caused by over-enlarging it

I think a lot of the times I’ve been zoomed in on one aspect of who God is and not stepped back to see the clear picture.
Up close, when I’m looking at just one aspect, things are blurry, I don’t really get the whole picture, and often confused.
The more I step back, learn from those wiser than me, allow God to teach me more about his heart, the less I see of my previous pixelated image.

I want to continue to add more pixels and step back further on my view of Christ to have a better image of who He is, who He has planned for me to be, and enjoy him in HIGH DEF!