Listen up folks. I don’t support or claim support of any political party. If you want to know what I think ask, but don’t assume because I made this video I want to “Barack the Vote”

I saw tonight that Obama and Biden were running together and came up with the funny thought of “Obiden by the Rules”. It’s just a silly thing and that is all. If it ends up being a bumper sticker, or ends up being their campaign I will laugh my head off. Anywho, I’m sure someone else will say this but I’m pretty positive I coined it on my video, then on twitter, then to just put the last nail in the coffin, I made this youtube video… It’s short so enjoy!

I wish Steven Colbert was still running.. What a bummer.
and since this was posted at 3 AM… I had coffee at 9 and my wife has passed out on the couch, not pleased I’m sure.. But i’m a night owl. I had insomnia in highschool and took meds, and I prefer staying up late. It’s when I laugh the most, I create silly things, and nothing really matters.

Here’s my predictions of Phrases that will come from this campaign,

“Obiden the law”
“Obiden the rules”
“Obiden obedience”
“Obiden one kanobi”-this will spawn “Obiden the force”
“Obiden my country”
“Obiden my wife”