So, my first screen on my iPod touch are the apps I use the most as you can see. Yes, I use Twitterfon and Twinkle! Twinkle I like just to see what folks around me are up to, while Twitterfon is much faster, shows dms, replies, and can add twitpics, instead of the twinkles very own Twinkle pic.

I have Fring, just dreaming of when I get the second gen iPod touch so I can make phone calls over voip.. I can make calls now and hear the voice on the other end via my headphones, but that proves useless… Anywho, here you go: My new Favorites and my new dislikes:


YouVersion App: AMAZING! I love reading the contribs.
Pageonce: I like having all of my account information in one place, so with one click can check my bank account.
Remote: Love it, although it is about to be lost to my new favorite…
SimplifyMedia: Wow, I can not only listen to my home library, work all on my ipod touch, I can also listen to friends streaming it online on my iPod touch. Great AMAZING app!
Fring: If you don’t use this yet, get it.
Pocket Guitar: Fun to play with, I wish they would add looping ability to use live on stage. Watch out Phil Keaggy and KT Tunstal.
Coin Flip: Just plain fun. I love flipping coins anyways, now I can pretend to when I don’t have one.
iChalky: Fun to move this little guy around. It’s the same element of annoying the fish in the Koi pond app, which I also love.
Moonlight Mahjong: Wife loves this game, and I love the graphics. Haven’t taken the time to really learn it, but it’s fun to move around.
Facebook: It’s Facebook!

Apps that left me dissapointed:

Monkey Ball: Far too sensitive and nearly impossible on some levels… looks great, hard to beat.
Crash Bandicoot: Same thing. Anything steering with the accelerometer seems a little tough.
Toy Bot Diaries: Wow, nearly lost my hearing after firing this game up. No volume control means I’m opting out until that’s fixed.
Jirbo Anything: Unless your four years old and want something flashy, I’d stay away.
Kroll: Wow, I’m glad I didn’t purchase this. Thanks to youtube I saw how horrible the gameplay was and how they spent all their time on the graphics.

That’s all for now, maybe I’ll update later or post. It looks like if you’re the first to purchase an app and make a video you get youtube celebrity status rather quickly. How cool is modern culture! You don’t wait for G4tv to give you a review, you’ve got folks everywhere showing you hands on the pros and cons of games and apps!