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Friday My Day.

I don’t do well alone for long. So on Fridays when I’m off work, my wife is at work, I have to force myself to do things, otherwise I get depressed and do nothing. I’m fueled by people, so when I’m alone I get dull and bored. So usually on friday I will make a video, do laundry (At the laundry mat) clean up around the house, and hit the gym all before my wife gets home. Tonight we are going to see Matthew West at Brookwood so that will be a good time to get some of my social cravings out.

Are you like me and thrive on social interaction, or would being along make you a machine that will work all day long?

Thankfully I have some level of interaction at home on Fridays which is twitter, Bloggeries(where I do some reading of cool blogs and comment) and youtube. Thank goodness Fred is back on so I can catch up on his newest episodes.

Jamie Lidell is Jim

My wife and I went and saw Jamie Lidell last year at the Orange Peel in Asheville and his vocals blew our minds. He had several songs on his first album that had the classic sort of stevie wonder feel to them and we loved it. His new album “JIM” is jam packed full of upbeat soulful songs that will help you start your day or put you in a good mood anywhere you are. I can’t wait for more albums from him to keep rolling out for some great quality stuff. Check out his video for one of his new songs and Buy the album on iTunes. Can’t wait to see his show in June.

Planning Center Online

I will make this short and sweet. If you are working in a church and needing some software to help coordinate people, schedules and songs http://www.planningcenteronline.com is the best thing I have used yet. The best part is the customer service I have recieved. Through twitter the creator of it replies instantly to any problem I’m having or any questions I have and even gave me their gtalk name. Its easy and I’m also getting a huge positive from the folks I have using it. I work with students and coordinating them so any extra level of accountability I can have with them is great. The “Accept” button for the event is the bomb so I know who to check up on and why they aren’t replying. Anywho, It rocks and if you are searching use them.