I blog about music, especially youtube music a lot. Some folks say that it’s copying and there isn’t anything original, but i’m seeing more talent on youtube than I see on the radio or iTunes everyday.
Not only are people covering songs in their own way, but the recording quality is getting better and people and people’s interpretations of songs is exciting me.

I work with students and love seeing teens doing great things with music and this guy PhillyPepper1000 is a great example of that.
Working with student bands and student worship, I often consult youtube covers to see if it is feasible for us to do a good job of songs, and came across this cover of Lifehouse “Storm”

Mostly I search out songs from the radio like 1,2,3,4 and New Soul to see how students do with it but i’m very impressed with this guys vocal talent and awesome acoustic playing. Enjoy! If you read this keep being creative. Let this motivate you to create great content, and flood the internet with it!

Here is his cover of Paramores “Hallelujah” Amazing!