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Please watch, rate, send to your friends, and if I win I will be giving away something from the prize package!

Tomorrow we will be giving away one of the first kittens out of the four we have.  We didn’t think we would be sad but we’ve dealt with feeding the kittens by bottle because their mom got sick since day 3 of their lives.  So it will be a sad departure from our house but we are glad it’s going to someone we know and will be a great home.  Two more also have a home and their is just one more to give away.  We really only want to give them away to folks we know because we’d like to know they are safe.  Also, mama kitten needs a home as well as her sister. They were strays that decided our porch was home and we don’t want them making more babies so we took them in(one was already pregnant)  Here they are and maybe I’ll post the ustream of ashleigh and I feeding them.