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Artists on the Rise

I scan the internets for new and upcoming music all of the time. One of my biggest providers of fresh rare content is suprisingly iTunes free download. They have given me singles of the week with bands such as The Fray, Jamie Lidell, Metro Station and more.

Recently I’ve been on a kick of trying to find more new artists and here are some folks i’m pretty impressed with!

Eric Hutchinson has catchy fun lyrics, my wife claims they sound like Jump Little Childrens’ lead singer, and I just enjoy the generally upbeat of their songs like this one, “Rock and Roll”

My next favorite artist on the rise is Sam Sparro, who had a featured download on iTunes a few weeks ago of this song, “Black and Gold”. He reminds me a lot of Prince in some of his other tunes.

And my last artist on the extremely fast rising star is Marie Digby. I remember watching her cover of Rihanna’s “Umbrella” in front of her couch with an acoustic guitar just a little over a year ago seen here.

And in just 1 year, thats right 1 year, she has gotten a featured video on MTV and a record deal because of her millions of views. Glad to see someone who can play an instrument and sing at the same time and this music video is pretty nifty as well.

I will update some more of my favorites here soon but I can tell you those are some of the bands I will be jamming to for awhile… Wait! I can’t leave out my most outplayed album right now. JUSTICE! With this creative video using Poker Chips to the song, Waters of Nazareth


This just excited me to no end. If you don’t know I’m an enormous fan of Jabbawockeez and want them to make an appearance in Greenville this fall but have gotten no word back from them yet. Also I love Justice who have great songs like Phantom and Waters of Nazareth. So they have a commercial promoting the next Americas Best Dance Crew. You can sort of get a little bit of their style in this video and if you like it I’d encourage you to search them out. Anywho check it out!

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