Heads or Tails
Today, I flipped my coin in my car on whether or not to go to the gym. I was wanting to go home and chill, but saw the half dollar on my floorboard(keep it to practice coin rolling @ stoplights), and flipped. I got heads, so I went to the gym.
I have some friends, @justcallmee and @jayhyles, who also do something very interesting and fun with a coin toss. They flip a coin and let the coin decide whether or not they go left or right. They do it into the wee hours of the morning to see where they end up!

So, how can you get involved?

Get a coin. I prefer half dollars. Keep it with you in your pocket all the time.
Anytime you see yourself with a tough decision, go to the coin.
Tweet out the question, and the outcome with the hashtag #headsortails. (I know it’s a long hashtag, if you have a better idea lemme know so we can get this game rolling)

DO NOT…. let this determine whether or not eat, cheat, lie, steal, kill, suicide, etc.
This is meant to be for fun and nothing more.

To follow this event and see what other folks are doing, simply click the #headsortails hashtag on twitter and see what all folks have let a coin decide.

I want to get this thing rolling, so Re-tweet, digg, stumble-upon, and all that jazz to get this game rolling.