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Free is Good

This has been a week of free.

Free IHOP short stack. Free sub from Quiznos @ http://www.millionsubs.com (register quick)
Also heard that Jack in the Box had 2 free tacos, but I didn’t want to chance what that would do to me.
Last week I ordered my free sample of the Starbucks Viva, instant coffee, that you had to order quick because they ran out so fast. The @starbucks partner on twitter said they estimated they gave away 4 free samples every second.
Free movie rental on Monday from Redbox, also got an e-mail for a free coupon rental from DVDxpress.

Free is a huge draw, especially if it’s already something established that people want.

I spent $4.30 for my wife and I total. We bought 4 pieces of bacon to split and I had a cup of coffee. Also add the tip in there. Brilliant marketing from IHOP. I would never have gone to IHOP other than to get a free short stack, and I think that’s about the only time I do, but when I do, I always buy something else.

Is there something you can do to draw some traffic or attention to what you do by offering it for free, for a limited time? I am sure lot’s of folks will continue to check out quiznos after they have their free sub because it’s good. I have heard folks say they have never been there. If the Starbucks Viva is any good I can guarantee I will have a few packs lying around for when I’m in a rush and want some coffee.

I have some things I will be giving away for free. Things people want… Not sure how I will do it. Don’t really care about the traffic, but it’s fun to give stuff away.

More things I think that should be free. Once or twice a year that I would never try otherwise.

Dry Cleaning- I have “Dry Clean Only” but I don’t do that. Give me a free shot at it and I’ll probably buy into it.
Oil Change- I would probably become a loyal customer to a company that gave a free oil change.
Bike Tuning- I have a mountain bike in desperate need. If someone would give a free one I would continue to do it.
Goodwill item- I imagine if goodwill offered something for free to show people what they have, they would get a lot of interest
(They get it all for free anyway, use it to bring in more business)

That’s all I can think of now… Anything for free that would be interest of you and might convince you to try out something you never have before?

Reactee and Me

So today in a creative meeting Josh Bradley( http://joshbradleysblog.blogspot.com/ ) was telling me about some stuff they saw at a conference at willowcreek. One thing that struck my attention was Reactee.com

Seeing as text message communications and alert type deals are the thing for right now they have nailed it with their custom tees. You simply choose a slogan which mine is “Can’t Sleep? Neither Can I” then it says “Text 3amjosh to 41411”. All on a handy t-shirt that is american apparel of course. When the person does that they recieve a custom response made by me that says a blip about what my site 3amjosh.com is about and tells them to check it out.

Some people use this as a political or “going green” statement while others are trying to get a date. You get feedback on how many people request your info and all that. Also you can constantly update the reply text your tee sends out.

I think I am going to wear my t-shirt EVERYWHERE i go and see how much my site views and video views go up. Also if you want to help me out or just think my t-shirt is awesome you can buy one and wear it @ http://reactee.com/shirt/order/?rtprdk=7599. Although I’d prefer you to enter through the first link I gave you and then find my shirt but either way.

Text me- 3amjosh to 41411 and help me get featured as their most requested tee off the month. The current winner has 1,300 some odd texts.

Also make your own shirt for whatever you want. Instant communication is amazing and advertising is seeing a new means of getting information to people how they want it.

ALSO there will be a coffee and cereal video coming up this week with my celebrity guest I promised everyone. So be patient and it will be here before you can say “Ni”