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Hashtags create community, in just one word, that you can immediately find out who is interested in the same things. You don’t have to join the group, get approved, have friends already that you know are interested. It’s sort of a self-affirmation, but more so it let’s you know that you have others that are like you.

Just like this picture I’ve got above here. Star Wars conventions are something that sprung to my mind when I thought of people who all have the same like and gather together, dress up silly, and share on what they all know a ton about. So if I want to find other folks who like the same thing, I simply just use the hashtag, or make it and send it out to other folks to see if they like it.

Facebook makes that so much harder, and with the new layout, you can’t easily find your groups without visiting your own profile to see what groups you are a part of.

Hashtags start up a conversation and it runs strong. Some have not been created yet, and some just aren’t very strong yet. One that I know I will be a part of is #nailbiter. I may only tweet about it once, but I get in trouble all the time with my wife for it.

Hashtags are super easy, facebook groups are pretty much dead to me.
Join the flow of the hashtag, or find folks with like interest and see what they have said about it.

UPDATE: Orangejack asked a good tool to use to follow hashtags, and today Tinker was released as announced by TechCrunch
Also, I recommend using Twemes or Search.Twitter

iPod touch Best/Worst Apps

UPDATE!! My New Favorite iPhone/iPod Touch Best Apps Take 2

Well, it’s been over a week now with the iPod touch apps and I thought I’d share some of my favorites. If you’ve been like me you can’t stop looking at the app store and downloading new apps to give them a shot. Also trying to get rid of ones I don’t like so I don’t have tons of screens to flip through. I’m actually doing this blog from my iPod touch wordpress app! Score! Well here they are:

Enigmo- tons of fun
Monkey Ball- impressive graphics and gameplay
Crash bandicoot- great use of the accelerometer
Spinner- awesome
Banner Free-Fun to make banners(Who wants to make a belt buckle that will hold the iPhone-Don’t steal my idea and not give me some credit or advertising)
Bubbles-Just plain fun
Facebook-Works great
Phone Saber-Is very responsive to movement
Remote-I can control everyone at my works iTunes and upset them. So much fun.
Scratch-Its a very cool concept, mixing songs with a record to scratch sounds over it. I want to be able to scratch the actual song.
Tap Tap- One Player and Two player! Pretty fun
Aurora Feint- Great gameplay(although I stink at it) and AWESOME soundtrack

Twitterriffic- horrible laggy display
Maze- boring
Wordpress- please fix the side view so I can type faster
To be quite honest I just deleted several apps I found useless and at this moment I’m too tired to search them out and let you know which one’s they are

It hasn’t made it to the news yet but it will be shortly. Bird Flu is alive and well on one of my favorite social networking sites Twitter. I’m never sure when I click on the Twitter bookmark whether its on safari or on my iPod touch if I will get either nothing or the dreaded “Something is Technically Wrong” message which is the new blue screen of death for a lot of users out there.  Macs aren’t immune to this one either…Sorry.

Hopefully the folks at twitter will either be bought out by google so they will have the server space or someone will support them.  With no ads anywhere on twitter where are they getting their funding anywho?  I have no idea.  

If this doesn’t end soon people will most likely move on and find something else that someone is currently developing now.  I guess the question I ask myself is, 10 years down the road will I care how many followers I have and how many updates I’ve done.  Does twitter even exist 10 years down the road?  Am I said when I see that I have over 1 million updates?  At my funeral will they just show my life blog via twitter?  It really is like a journal updated constantly.  Although most argue it’s an enormous waist of time it is pretty unique in how you can connect and network with others.


With all that said, Twitter….. GET WELL SOON.  I will be bringing some balloons and chicken noodle soup.