Recently, in a blog post from Carlos Whitaker, he posed a question, “What do you hate that your worship pastor does?” A lot of folks replied back with they didn’t like when the worship leader would close their eyes during worship. I can see their argument if they think it’s not authentic or disconnected, but for me it’s not even close to what’s going on.

In some of my youtube videos singing in the bathroom, folks have commented on my weird facial expressions, eyes being closed, etc. To me, when my eyes are closed I have the power to visualize whatever I’m thinking about. This may sound crazy to some, but I’ve always been a dreamer. My mother raised me to believe I could do and be whatever I wanted and to dream big! She distilled wonder through taking us to museums and art shows, and imagination and creativity through making up stories on long road trips to keep us amused. So I argue that keeping my eyes closed is me dreaming of something bigger and better than I can visualize with my eyes open.

In one song my eyes are closed quite a bit..

I caught quite a bit of grief over this on youtube but there was stuff I was thinking about. I was remember hanging out with my wife and how much I love her, and how I have and do see sparks in our relationship. I was thinking about the simple lyrics and simple riff of the song and how it was so pleasant. This is a very warm song to me and makes me think of being somewhere cold and having something to warm me up like my wife laying next to me under a blanket.

So, do you dream with your eyes open, or are you like me, and dream with your eyes closed. When you close your eyes you can dream of things your eyes could never possibly see unless you allow yourself to create them in your mind! I love being creative and I love seeing creativity! I am so thankful for my parents and for my mom for just constantly pouring creativity into my life through her stories, books, paintings, even lip synching!