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Links…My first ever!

Lots of blogs I read do posts of just stuff they go to. So here are some things that I check out EVERYDAY!

A collection of Hand Written Blogs that anyone can post to. It seems to be growing but off to a slow start.

I check this on Fridays to see the music from the past sunday at my church because I’m usually upstairs during the worship and run down for the message on the last service. So if you see me running in late it’s not because I’m late.

Everyday is a new shirt and I have to see it. I’m totally addicted…

Insanely addictive but a great tool for networking.

I’m pretty active on the lost forums and a pretty big nerd for that…

If you have not done a tweetscan on yourself, your company, your favorite word(Mine is “yowza”) go here and see what people are saying about it, or you.

Have trouble with punctuation? Check out my favorite punctuation books site Eats, Shoots, and Leaves. Fun punctuation game to keep you in practice. Who said grammar can’t be fun.

If you want to know more about wine, this guy knows his stuff! Video blogs on wine tasting and pairing. Very cool!

Some other stuff I really do check and try to comment on daily are all the blogs you see in my blog roll over there —————————————>
Read them, comment on them! Some great stories by lots of cool people.

After you check out these links, PLEASE go to the top of this page, click the “NEXT” button to go to a blog you have never read before, comment on them and make a new friend.