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3amJosh is Guitarguru88

I have a youtube account in which I do things that I never plan on making money with.  WIth all the copyright issues of music, singing, dancing that are out there. I’ve had a youtube account that I do silly fun things that I don’t necessarily want the entire public to see.  You heard it here first.  Also… if you happen to look up 3amjosh and Guitarguru88 on youtube please, Please, PLEASE subscribe. It just takes one click.  Here is an example of the insanity of my Guitarguru88 character on youtube..

I love Technology

But not as much as you, you see. I still love technology.

This is one of those things that I see then I say to myself. Wish I would have came up with that first. Anywho, I love it and I’m glad someone did. Next thing you know there will be a Daft Punk iPods video in response to the Daft Punk Hands.