This video was made by a couple guys trying to figure out how to set up the cameras to get some footage of a sushi bar. They decided to take their hands out of the equation and let the camera go on it’s on journey.

This just makes me think how sometimes we search for ways to be creative and the most obvious solution is right in front of us. Maybe it’s not even about creativity but just about getting our job done. Either way, what if the solution is so simple, already made, and right in front of you. I love being creative and try to find new ways to do so everyday, but this video made me think of when I might have missed an opportunity to catch something really unique.

So what thing are you trying to figure out how to do best or just trying to get done? Pause, for just a bit, and see if the solution isn’t already right in front of you.

This video may mean something totally different to you, but to me that’s what I took from it. Curious to see if it brings up any other thoughts in other folks.

So for me, I’m obviously trying to do something I can’t figure out how to do, and maybe the solution is in front of me? Hopefully it’s a free easy way like this track running around a sushi bar, but I’m guessing it will cost me a few bones in the end.

I’m thinking about taking my camera and putting it on the track at Krispy Kreme….