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Win a Laptop, Help Me Help You

UPDATE: It won’t be the 100th person but will be a randomly selected person from the list of comments! So get to commenting! It only takes 1 minute to do it and then your entered automatically to win the competition! I will need you to link back here to your comment on the blog so I can keep track.

I’m in a contest for a HUGE package of computers in sort of a pay it forward type of fashion. If I am the winner I will be giving away one of the laptops to the 100th person to comment on my “How To Blog” on Chris Pirillos Site Here. That’s right, I know it’s a lot of people but seriously. I have nearly 500 followers on twitter nearly 100 subscribers on youtube and 300 or so friends on facebook. So I don’t think 100 comments is too much to ask for.

The deal:

The comments MUST be relevant to the content! I wrote the post about a great iPhone app that helps you during scrabble by checking word or making words from your letters you have.
You cannot spam the comments! You can join in a conversation going on in the comment stream but you cannnot spam them.
Their will ONLY be a winner if I win! I don’t have a laptop to giveaway right now but if I win I will!

So help me help you! Win a free HP laptop and get to commenting and get your friends to comment HERE

Spore Creature Creator

Welp, I just wanted to try it out for fun. I have no intentions of my little guy winning the competition but its definetly a cool game and could have a lot of fun creating more characters. This guys name is Stanley. Don’t ask me why, because I don’t know.