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All American Coldplay… I Mean Rejects

So, I got the new All American Rejects album on Amazon MP3 for 2.99 and figured there would at least be a couple songs I enjoyed off the album to pay 3 bucks. The album is actually pretty good, but one song in particular sounded really familiar.
Believe on the new album has the exact same riff from the bridge in Fix You by Coldplay.
Listen to the part right after he sings the opening part of the song.

Now listen to the riff in the bridge part of Fix You or minute mark 2:31

I am not saying they ripped it off but it is very similar. Great album all around and I would recommend checking it out! Do you see the similarities or is it just me?

The Last Shall Be First

3 Rows Back

So, I didn’t know how to title this blog. I was torn between what it is now and “Playing with Elyon.” If you have ever read the Black, Red, and White books you would understand what I’m saying. Here’s the skinny.

God loves us, and loves to bless us, loves to play with us and see us laugh.
Last night I did just that.
Music is my life.
I am always plugged into music and help others get plugged in as well.
Coldplay is one of my favorite bands ever.
My wife suprised me with tickets to Coldplay with humble seats that actually ended up on the VERY last row on the very top of the arena!
Someone came up and asked us “Do You Feel Lucky?”
We were given seats from here:

To Here- in the 3rd row, front and center!

We didn’t deserve them but it reminded me the entire night of a part of Black that I will never forget:

Elyon turned the world inside out so it was like being inside of a snowglobe. You could fly around and have fun. Thomas Hunter was told it was Elyon playing and having fun, it would only last for a little bit but to enjoy it while it lasted.

That is how I felt the whole night. I know my God is passionate and loves me more than I should ever deserve. He chose last night to play with me, just for a little bit, but we had so much fun. I had my hands in the air screaming, dancing and singing the entire time. When I was singing “Fix You” at the top of my lungs with Chris Martin and my hands raised, I wasn’t singing to Chris Martin, I was singing to my God who was having fun letting me be a part of something he created. There is truth in the music and in everything and I believe God still gets the glory of all of it!

Life has been crazy this past couple of weeks and I actually had something come up on the phone while I was driving to the concert that ended up working out great. Either way, I know when life is hard, life is good. This was an awesome chance for me to just have fun with my Father in heaven who loves me endlessly.

So have you played with Elyon recently? If you didn’t, have you been looking to see when he is trying to play with you? Find joy in everything and give him the glory when He goes out of his way to bless you! He did that with Christ and hasn’t stopped since!

Sparks & Coldplay

I don’t do slow songs quite as much, but my wife surprised me with tickets to see Coldplay as an anniversary gift. This song has to be one of my favorite songs by Coldplay. It’s a lovey dovey song I like and did this one especially for my wife :-D. Hope you enjoy this cover! To Comment,rate and subsribe on youtube click HERE!!

Student Worship Band Compilation

Here is a view videos of the band that plays for the Wired and Varsity Ministrys at Brookwood Church.
This is only a view of the kids who play and we have a lot more talent that is in the band but used these guys on one sunday morning. I thought I would put all the clips from this Sunday together in one blog so people could check them out! Here they are.

One extra note! I am showing these videos so people can be encouraged seeing students lead worship in such a big way! God is moving in a huge way in these students life and they are opting to lead worship and even write songs glorifying God and to me that is amazing! I knew that this could never happen through my will but only if God wanted it to happen, he brought in some kids with great hearts and it has exploded and been growing ever since!
Viva La Vida Cover

Beautiful the Blood

We Shine

Sing, Sing, Sing

All To You

I ran across this video fairly early in the game of youtube videos at only 5,000 views which I imagine will be quite larger in just a couple of days.

Anywho, this is a second version released by coldplay of there music video “Viva La Vida” that is a tribute to Depeche Modes “Enjoy the Silence”. It’s a great video so check it out here. I think I actually like it better than the first one. This has more of a storyline to it which tends to make things more memorable for me.

Recently, one of the student bands I work with that plays for lots of ministries at Brookwood Church got to lead worship for the main service. We played 5 songs, with one of them being Coldplay’s “Viva La Vida”. The song to me is very interesting especially when someone shared with me what they thought the meaning of the song was. Talking about how Christ was reigning over man from Heaven, but came down as a main to “sweep the streets alone”. I’m not sure if that is what Chris Martin wrote the song about but I like that explanation for myself. Anywho, here is the video and if the dubbing is off please forgive me. I actually uploaded this to the wrong youtube account and it will be switched over soon. Check it out now though while you can!

Man, i’m sooo excited about the new coldplay album I can’t even tell you. I think there are two albums this year that I will listen to non-stop. Thats Coldplay and Jamie Lidell. They just posted the video for there single that was a free download on there site a couple weeks ago “Violet Hill”. If you haven’t heard it get the best deal and hear and see it!

Also, my wife noticed that this song sounds a lot like “Thats All” by Genesis. Also sounds a bit like of some of Phil Collins stuff. I wonder if they expect people to pick up on the influence. I’m almost willing to say its the same chord progression slowed down!

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WOW! Even the videos resemble each other!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Civil Twilight

I got the oppurtunity last week to meet up with the band from South Africa, Civil Twilight. They throw a great show and have a unique sound influenced by coldplay and u2 among others. They were fun to interview and I hope you check out their album and website!