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Coffee Beans. I need to try more.

I’m a fan of coffee, and if you haven’t already seen my test with Coffee And Cereal on Youtube, check that out first. I love brewing coffee at home and making it the strength I like, and just drinking it black sometimes paired with some good chocolate or just something good that goes with it.

Anywho, I was curious if anyone knows of some amazing coffee bean out there that I could grind and give it a shot! I’m looking into doing something with this in the future but for now just curious what folks favorite coffee beans are. Being a former employee of Starbucks for over 2 years, I’m pretty partial but to the annual blends and a couple of the regulars. Here are my Top Favs.

Komodo Dragon- I will drink this anytime. It’s always good and never lets me down.
Pike Place- It is really quite delicious. It’s the standard now so don’t get burnt out on it.
Arabian Mocha Sanani- This I ONLY drink with a french press. It’s great earthy, smokey taste is
Paired great with some chocolate. It’s almost like a Cigar, but coffee!
Lots of the annual blends like Anniversary Blend, Christmas Blend(counting down the days for this one), and occasional an Italian Roast(Which is not Italian, it’s just the roasting style)

There is a local coffee shop in Travelers Rest that I’ve not gotten the opportunity to spend too much time in although I did stop by while mountain biking the Swamp Rabbit Bike Trail that connects downtown greenville to downtown TR. Anywho, the coffee shop Leopard Forest Coffee Company, who owns a coffee farm in Zimbabwe, ships the beans back and roasts them in the store. They have some great selections, and this winter I plan on spending many hours there while I”m back in school getting work done. It’s a little more quiet and less traveled and feels extremely homey compared to a Starbucks or Atlanta Bread Company.

So, what do you drink? Do you roast at home? Do you buy them ground or grind them at home? What sort of coffee pot do you use? How much do you drink? Do you drink it black or sass it up with all the extras?

Swamp Rabbit Bike Trail

Today I ventured out to the Swamp Rabbit Bike trail that goes from Greenville,SC to Travelers Rest. Its around a 10 mile trail and is not all finished yet.
A lot of the trail is pressed down but where its not there is gravel which is not quite as fun to ride on. I saw at least one other person riding on a friday afternoon which I imagine saturdays are busier. There were also guys in a work truck parked along the trail working on trees that had fallen and overhanging branches.

I rode to downtown T.R. and had a cookie and a cup of coffee and made my trek back home. It’s a fun trail and now that I look i’m not sure if it was legal that I was on there but i’ve heard of other people going out riding on it as well. I can’t wait for it to be completed and have a nice bike ride through the different areas.

I also saw a little bit of wildlife. There was a snake on the trail catching some sun and there was also a beaver/racoon not sure what it was but it took off when it heard me coming. You can check out the Google Map of the trail at http://www.gcrd.org/swamprabbit/swamprabbitmap.html

It will be nice once it has the rubberized running track and is set to go. Here are some pictures from my adventure today.

Coffee and Cereal

Welp, It finally happened. I made my point and made some Coffee and Cereal. Check out what happened here and go to my youtube page and rate it as well! Comments on the video rock also!

Coffee and Cereal

You heard it here first folks! I have invented something that people might say things at first like, “what is he thinking” but will soon change to, “why didn’t I come up with that”. Anywho not sure if I can market it since its only something I’m combining that has been waiting ever since coffee and milk were established. Well, I figured it would be worth the shot because of a couple of things.

Cereal sweetens my milk. When I have my bowl of cereal no matter if its special K or fruity pebbles I know that in the end I’m going to enjoy the last sip of milk with its super sweet taste.

Caffeine in my cereal! Thats two birds with one stone. Who doesn’t want to have their caffeine in an edible form?

So mark your calendars for this weeks 3amjosh where I will be experimenting with different cereals and coffee and who knows, you might see a coffee and cereal shop or it will be the new trend at Starbucks. If its stolen I’m going to sue Howard. I know you read my blog.

Anywho, if you have any ideas at what cereals might work best let me know by a simple comment and I just might try it on my next video blog.