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LifeShare from Lifechurch.tv

Well, today I sat in on the first LifeShare Event featuring bloggers and folks from around the world. I think it is a cool idea and communicating to folks who are pretty plugged in virtually online, and through blogs. It was neat to see the folks over in London praying over different countries and missionaries around the world. The Lifechurch internet campus is pushing for folks to bring friends and to get people involved, which is awesome, and I’d love to see some of that creative genius that made Youversion create something for for the entire interwebs.

I’ll be keeping an eye on how this lifeshare thing spans out and what comes of it.

Think Steve Fee’s “Broadcast” in a VERY literal way, then read on.

Ok, so lots of churches out there have not taken advantage of the Social Media Networking world and I’m beginning to think I should start to help motivate you to! I’ve shared some of this with people so we can be on the cutting edge of technology and putting our stuff out there to people who are lost and searching in a way that hasn’t yet happened. I know it might seem disconnected, but so is sitting and watching a pastor on a big screen being broadcasted from somewhere else. Not saying that’s wrong at all, in fact I’m saying it’s great, but is that really necessary with another tool we’ve been provided with?

There is a world of people out there online at any given moment who we can reach. I’m not saying go and shove religion in there face but be tactful. Start a Ustream.tv show on Sunday morning service, get a staff member to moderate the chat room and see what happens. I think you ABSOLUTELY need to let the chatroom be live. You will probably get folks saying mean things, but the world we live in is not all about taking in, but also about putting back in there own thoughts. It’s free, it may take up your bandwidth, but who really cares. I’ve seen a church with up to 8,000 viewers going live on ustream! Numbers aren’t important but it was more of the healing and God providing type messages. So that’s one step. Have meetings or whatever you need to do to start it up.

Live Blogging. I can guarantee you have more bloggers in your church than you could ever imagine. Why not take advantage of them blogging your message live, via twitter(also your church needs a twitter.com account PRONTO, not just telling services, but giving insight to how things are), or have them blog during the service. Yes, this means you need to provide wireless network to your members. If you don’t have a ton and don’t want to crash, find some dedicated bloggers/tweeters and set them up with a network p/w to give it a shot. Think of these as tools to reach the lost!

Pastors Blog. Man. All these mega churches are huge, which is amazing, but how often do you get to connect or let people connect with you as a pastor, youth minister, worship pastor, children’s minister, etc. I think most staff in a church should be putting themselves online as much as possible. If you don’t put content out, someone else might and it might not be what you want! Mega churches, especially with multi-campus being the new gig, have little opportunity to give people a connection with their pastors. So blog, at least once a week. Don’t make it all Holy Holy, change your life or here’s my opinion on this matter. Make it about your life. Where did you go with your family this summer, what is your favorite album you’ve been listening to all week, make it personal.

So that is some of the social networking tools churches should start using.
Ustream.tv SIGN UP NOW-Tell me when you broadcast.
Also ustream records everything for free and archives it! No extra cost, and anyone can check it out!

Twitter.com Sign up right now and start your tweets. Remember keep it personal, and keep it updated about what’s going on.

Live Blogging during service. Do a search on google, and find folks from your church who already blog about you. You’ll be suprised! Then sign them up.

Pastors and Ministry Staff Blogs- Keep them updated as often as you feel necessary but keep it pretty close and personal. People already hear you preach during service, give them some insight to your life.