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TokBox is Stellar

Tokbox is Stellar

As you can see there are 19 people in this live video chat. It maxed out for me around 28 people and was too laggy to really take advantage of. Some of the folks you see in the picture are Tony Steward John Arrington..Human3rror and Carlos Whitaker.. @loswhit or Ragamuffin Soul

This has a great interface and works awesome for doing multiple video chats with lots of folk and free. Be warned, when you join the chat and click allow webcam access your live online immediately! Pretty sick stuff! Best part is, no downloads! All web based so it doesn’t matter where you are you can strike up a video conversation.

Check out TokBox to video chat with all your friends at once!

LifeShare from Lifechurch.tv

Well, today I sat in on the first LifeShare Event featuring bloggers and folks from around the world. I think it is a cool idea and communicating to folks who are pretty plugged in virtually online, and through blogs. It was neat to see the folks over in London praying over different countries and missionaries around the world. The Lifechurch internet campus is pushing for folks to bring friends and to get people involved, which is awesome, and I’d love to see some of that creative genius that made Youversion create something for for the entire interwebs.

I’ll be keeping an eye on how this lifeshare thing spans out and what comes of it.