I’ve been talking with lots of people about how news and media are controlled much more so now than ever by the public. We twitter, digg, facebook, blog, 12seconds, qik, ustream, stickam, mogular, twitpic, brightkite, etc. That gives us an advantage over news channels because there are people all over a city at any given point to catch whats happening either its a wreck, concert, bank robbery(I have been across the street while one happened and if twitter was around I’m sure it would have been helpful), storms, power outages, all of these things are seen by us all day everyday.

Imagine a world where we can submit our stories to popular news channels in our area and they would be featured. I think if they don’t take advantage of that just like other media it will die out. We live in a culture of creating and not so much downloading anymore. I personally would rather choose what news I see or what blogs I read than consuming it and 10,000 commercials.

I am pretty sure this will begin to happen more often than not. I have been featured once on the news for my tweets about the iPhone release and all the frustrations with iPhone 2.0(mind you I was being honest with my tweets and a little grouchy) but either way some folks are taking advantage of people around the city and others aren’t.

Do you have a news station around you that uses peoples feedback, tweets, or video footage of things going on? This is why I want a flip video or LG dare, or iPhone(which as far as I know isn’t capable of video capture yet) so I can submit things in real time in better quality than my Motorola Razr.

My opinion is that User Submitted news stories, even if its just blurps, is just around the corner and will take off fast with the world of social networking exploding. What do you think?