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What Is Happening Bathroom Cover

Here is an amazing new song by the alphabeats. They haven’t hit it big yet in the US but I assure you they will soon. Hope you enjoy my cover! Click HERE!!! To go to the video to rate, comment and favorite if you like it!


Another Alphabeats cover. These guys Rock and I can’t wait until they release the album in the US and they come tour here. Lot of great bands coming out of the UK. These guys thrive on songs that will lift your spirits!

10,000 Nights Of Thunder Bathroom Cover

You Make It Real

I know it’s a little pitchy, but if you go to The Youtube Song Page you can click the button below the video get higher quality. I really enjoy this song and some others. There is another that’s coming soon but it’s taking a bit more time to get down. Let me know what you think about this song. If you like it feel free to go to my Youtube Page to rate, comment, subscribe and favorite. Thanks

Father & Friend Bathroom Cover

This song is great, it’s meant for two parts but I wanted to cover. I will be honest, I should have done one more take, but check this out and let me know what you think!

Here is my cover of Sam Sparros “Black and Gold”. My hope with this song, like a the others, is that you’ve never heard it and you’ll check it out and download the original version. He is a unique artist, but has a very cool sound. Make sure you visit my YouTube Page to subscribe, rate, comment, favorite and all that fun jazz. That will help me out a ton! I hope you enjoy and let me know what you think!

ALSO, I know my site traffic has increased drastically but for some reason it’s all a bunch of lurkers. I don’t know who you are but I know you are all checking it out! So please feel free to comment. If you hate it, great, if you love it, awesome. Just let me know who you are and what you think!

Bathroom Covers

I’m going to start doing some cover songs of favorite things I like. Just going to have fun singing songs I like in my bathroom. The acoustics aren’t perfect and I’m not going to spend money to get all sorts of professional recording stuff. Just going to have fun with it. This is a song by one of my favorite artists Jamie Lidell. The song is Multiply and one of my favs. Let me know what you think, unless it’s mean, in that case keep it to yourself.

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