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Exciting Happenings!

Ok. So on top of God doing lots of cool things in my job and bringing students forth that we need and the student band growing to be pretty huge He is also letting me do pretty neat things through my 3amjosh.com site and videos!

I can’t make any promises yet but I’m working my best to set up some interviews with some pretty top notch bands and really hoping that happens!

Also, this IS happening! I have been chatting with a guy who has been on CNN and on Chris Pirillos ustream which was also featured on CNN. He has agreed to do a phone interview with me live at 3a.m.! It will be 8 pm for him but its still exciting. I will also in the video be featuring all of the things he has accrued so far. Its a pretty amazing story and its been on CNN once and it will be on the Today show and all of that good stuff soon. I jumped on the chance for him to advertise for me and I would advertise for him, although at this point he is much more popular than I am but its a pretty brilliant idea! More to come on that later!

Smoke Signals

Smoke Signals are no way to communicate to be far and wide but lots of new ways are being developed and making their way to primetime. If you work with students, work for a company, or just want to find someone who is interested in the same stuff as you, like gaming or tv shows or even your favorite saying like “Yowza”, then this is some great stuff for you.

We all have a myspace account and a facebook but who has a twitter and even more who has their own textmark?

Twitter is a great way to communicate what your up to all the time and sort of an expanded chat and way to get people to watch a video you like or check out your blog or share a news story. Its also great for networking. You can tweetscan your company, favorite band, or yourself to see if anyone has mentioned you without you recognizing it. If you don’t have one yet you better create it before someone takes your username.

Textmarks is the next way of communicating with people instantly no matter where you are. Say you have an event you want people to know about or a concert. You just tell them the keyword to twitter like “3amjosh” and tell them to text it to 41411 and it will instantly send a reply text message that you have written and given whatever details you want. You can update your keyword and it will send the update to anyone who has previously texted that keyword. Say I have a new blog post or a new video I can broadcast an alert instantly. Whats the best part is its Free for all the basic needs.

Textmarks has also teamed up with Reactee.com. You customize your t-shirt with a special slogan, then your textmark keyword and then it tells them where to text. I don’t have any sort of numbers yet but this weekend I’ll be hanging out downtown with my shirt that says “Can’t Sleep? Neither Can I, Text 3amJosh to 41411”. I will get in real-time text alerts how many people are responding to my t-shirt and hopefully direct more traffice to my site.

Anywho, for whatever purpose you might use your twitter account or textmarks you need to sign up now before everyone else gets all the good ones. Great way to keep in touch and alert people of something new.