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My Fresh New Artists Picks

Well, I just thought I’d share some more of some artists I see that are going to do well soon. I sort of pride myself on listening to the newest, unique music, opposed to listening to whats on the radio. So here are some more artists I’m predicting to do really well and I hope they do.

I saw Jessie Baylin open for James Morrison (if you don’t know about him go find his CD NOW and buy it, he is incredible) and she blew our minds with her smooth vocals that remind me a little of Rosemary Clooney, but she is definetly got the voice and songwriting talent to take her far, just gotta get more of a stage presence by telling more stories about her interesting songs. Here’s a clip of her in the Schubas Cafe performing one of our favorites of hers “See How I Run”

Next up is Greg Friedman. I actually found him for a competition with an Aimee Mann Song “Freeway” The contest was to perform her song in a music video and lots of people changed the song quite a bit from her version. His is by far my favorite version and even better than hers! I left a comment on the video saying just that and he actually e-mailed me with thanks, and sent me a link to his Myspace page where you can download the mp3 for free! Here is the video. Very cool sound, if you like it go download the song from his page!

Now the next one has totally captured my heart with her voice. She sounds like the old singers and I hope she collaborates with Michael Buble, Jamie Cullum, or Harry Connick, Jr. to do some old jazz standards because her voice is right there. Adele had one of her songs “Hometown Glory” as a free download several months ago on iTunes and I was very excited to hear some fresh vocals coming out of the UK. Here is her song that is now on VH1 some still as an artist on the rise but check out this girls crazy, great vocals!

My one band for a pick of sort of the rock, sometimes the Epic rock feel, heavy on piano is Air Traffic. I’ve been listening to them ever since there CD came out in January and it’s still good and fresh to me. I like a CD, and when I say CD I mean Digital, that I can burn out, find later and still enjoy the music just as much. Here is one of the Epic Piano Ballads “No More Running Away”
I’m sure some music guru is going to tell me it’s not a piano ballad but that’s how I feel about it.

If you’re still reading at this point, take my advice. I tell people this ALL the time and not many people listen. If you want to know some music that is new and not huge yet, download the iTunes free song a week! I’m serious, I found lots of artists that way including, The Fray, Jamie Lidell, James Morrison, etc. Just do it. You never know what you might here that you like.

Here’s to fresh new music!

Artists on the Rise

I scan the internets for new and upcoming music all of the time. One of my biggest providers of fresh rare content is suprisingly iTunes free download. They have given me singles of the week with bands such as The Fray, Jamie Lidell, Metro Station and more.

Recently I’ve been on a kick of trying to find more new artists and here are some folks i’m pretty impressed with!

Eric Hutchinson has catchy fun lyrics, my wife claims they sound like Jump Little Childrens’ lead singer, and I just enjoy the generally upbeat of their songs like this one, “Rock and Roll”

My next favorite artist on the rise is Sam Sparro, who had a featured download on iTunes a few weeks ago of this song, “Black and Gold”. He reminds me a lot of Prince in some of his other tunes.

And my last artist on the extremely fast rising star is Marie Digby. I remember watching her cover of Rihanna’s “Umbrella” in front of her couch with an acoustic guitar just a little over a year ago seen here.

And in just 1 year, thats right 1 year, she has gotten a featured video on MTV and a record deal because of her millions of views. Glad to see someone who can play an instrument and sing at the same time and this music video is pretty nifty as well.

I will update some more of my favorites here soon but I can tell you those are some of the bands I will be jamming to for awhile… Wait! I can’t leave out my most outplayed album right now. JUSTICE! With this creative video using Poker Chips to the song, Waters of Nazareth