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Father & Friend Bathroom Cover

This song is great, it’s meant for two parts but I wanted to cover. I will be honest, I should have done one more take, but check this out and let me know what you think!

Father & Friend

I was blown away by this song, video and lyrics. I was searching out songs that I like and people who have done covers of them. Alain Clark actually did a cover of the “Multiply” song and did an amazing job that I could never imagine pulling off. Anywho, after researching more I realized he has a cd on iTunes and has this AMAZING song singing with his father Dane Clark called “Father & Friend”. If you work in a church and you don’t perform this song next year at fathers day, then I’m sorry you’re missing out, but this song is PERFECT! Just watch the video, be blown away, call your worship pastor and tell them to schedule this song for fathers day just like i’m doing right now!

Here is my cover of the song if you’re interested!