A few years back my mother went to Africa, Kenya and Tanzania, and had dreamed about going since she was a young girl. When she went she saw the poverty, the amazing hearts, the beautiful places surrounded by waist, and children who needed help. After she returned she shared her passion with everyone, including me, telling me I had to go to truly understand. I told her no chance, but I’d support her in Africa, and within six months I was going as an intern with BigStuf Camps teamed up with Compassion International. If God wants you somewhere he will make sure you are there, as long as you are wiling.

My mom will be returning to Africa on her Birthday, October 16th and is asking for mostly prayers, but if you want to support financially you can as well. Check out her post about what she will be doing. P.S. I went to the exact same places my mom did when she went to Africa, it was a very cool thing to see and changed my heart forever!

“Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” Hellen Keller

My adventure will begin on October 16. Once again I will be walking on Kenyan soil. As one of the leaders for WOW (Widows and Orphans of the World) I will be attending a conference with the widows we are working with and some dignitaries from the Kenyan government. This conference will begin on Oct. 22. WOW needs the government to be supportive and in agreement with our vision for it’s widows.

We will be accompanied by the Kenyan WOW representatives, Mrs Lucy and Mickey. Mrs. Lucy runs an orphanage that houses over two hundred children. She also operates a school for over 600 children from the surrounding area She is an awesome woman who believes that all things are possible through Christ. Her visions for Africa have no boundaries. She gives hope and encouragement to everyone who cross her path.
Mickey is a pastor who also runs a preschool for the children of the slums. He will be taking us into the slums to meet the children and their parents. Aids is rampant in Africa. Many of the widows there have lost their husbands and family members to this dreadful disease. The treatment for Aids is costly and out of reach for most of the people of Africa.

The recent killings in the slums of Nairobi took the lives of over 800 men. The widows who are left behind are in hopeless situations. WOW wants to help them find ways to take care of themselves and their children. Please keep them in your prayers. The rent for a one room shack (I do mean shack) is around 15 dollars a month. It sounds like nothing to us, but it is overwhelming to them. The cost of living since the political uprising has increased 40%. Life has become a challenge for these women. They must learn a way to earn money.

Mickey will be taking us to the island of the Suba people. They live without electricty and technology. They saw their first motorized vechile on the island in March of 2007. The roads they are trying to build have not yet been completed, so the vechile did not go very far. The population of the island is 30,000. Fishing is the way most make their limited income. Aids, malaria and other proverty illnesses have taken the lives of many at young ages. Mickey wants WOW to consider putting in an orphange for the many children
whose parents died of aids.

I have been blessed with a wonderful life and the greatest children a parent could pray for. They have all become awesome human beings with skills and passions that are greater than I could ever hope for. To say the least, I am proud of my family. My husband is one of the most compassionate men on the planet. He has taught me more than he knows and has always supported me in all things. I love him more than I thought was possible.

This is what I wish for the widows. To have familes that are doing great things and living full lives filled with hope and promise. With help from WOW, this could be a possiblity for them.

I am requesting your prayers for WOW and what we are doing in Africa. Finacial support for my trip would be greatly appreciated. I promise to be a good steward to anything that you feel led to give. Please remember to pray for us (the leaders of WOW ) by name.
We are Linda, Angela, Sharon, Claire, Lucy and Mickey. May the power and glory of Christ be spread all over Africa and the world. We serve a mighty God, and through him, all things are possible.

So please send up your prayers for her safety and for God to be seen in everything they do by the people in Africa!

ALSO. If you have a heart for Africa I encourage you to check out A Night For Africa featuring BigStuf creator Lanny Dohono and “You Might Be A Redneck”
Jeff Foxworthy. Check out what they are doing and how we can impact the heart of Africa!