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10,000 Nights Of Thunder Bathroom Cover

Prepared to be copied.

I once read this on a beer bottle. Not mine, I hate beer. I tried it for the first time at the age of 23, and was disgusted by it. I did once think about trying some I had found under my brothers bed when I was a teen, but after sneaking it in to my room and cracking it open, I was far to repulsed at the smell and dumped it down the drain.

Anywho, Originality is hard to come by, and as soon as you do, you have someone copying you. I am not claiming I’m original, although I did create the world renowned Coffee And Cereal denied by Starbucks, but hopefully the guys at Mythbusters will redeem it for me.

We all want to be original, and we all love to create. I am somewhat a constant brainstorm of ideas. I’m not saying I’m brilliant, but I look at something, sometimes a problem, sometimes something I wish I had, and I try to create a solution. I keep a Moleskin Notepad in my back pocket to etch out drawings, or write down something while I’m driving down the road. Here are some things I’ve written down that I probably will never happen, some I will keep to myself that may though :-D:

Songs that are stories. I’m a fan of songs that take me somewhere. How I write songs is I first create a music video, or a play in my head, then write lyrics to describe what’s going on, or the general emotion.

Random thoughts for youtube: “Guns and Geeks”- Guys with guns shooting the latest gadget to kingdom come. I would love to grab an AR-15 and shoot a Google Android. I’m not violent nor can I shoot a weapon.

“TurkeyBack” I thought it would be great to write a spoof of Sexyback with the words TurkeyBack for thanksgiving. To my dismay, it has already been DONE. After watching this guys attempt, I’m glad I never tried.

“Can You Fry It?” I still would love to do this with some gadgets!

THEN, the iPod touch notepad came around. This has brought me to a new level of addiction for scribbling down ideas.

One of my FAVORITES that I have on my iPod touch is a list of things I constantly update when I discover something new that I love. Consider it a Bucket List of things I love..
Here it is up to date:

Things I love:
My Wife
Snow covering everything
Singing loud in my car
A hot cup of coffee sitting and watching people
Road trips with my wife where we talk for hours
Waking up on a trip to my wife singing at the top of her lungs
Hanging out eating with friends
The beach at night
The mountains in fall
Driving when snow is falling
Treating my wife like a Queen
Falling asleep when i’ve been playing hard
Sunlight on my skin in 70 degree weather
How creative people can be
Dancing(moving) to a good beat
Cup of coffee on a rainy day
Washing my hands with warm water when I’m chilly(when I was a kid, I would fill the sink with very hot water and put my palms on it)

That’s enough of that for now!

So, this can’t even begin to describe what goes on in my brain throughout the day. Do you know what things you love? Do you think about them and savor them? I do!

Recently at Brookwood we’ve been talking about “One Month To Live” and it makes me realize even more how much more I should love everyone, live fully, humbly, and serve with a heart that doesn’t care about what I’m getting out of it.

So, if you don’t already, I encourage you to start up your own list of things you love. Look at it often, savor those things that make life great!

Oh yeah, if you are tempted to live me a comment, don’t. Click the NEXT button instead and read someone else’s blog and comment!

iPod Touch/iPhone Make Free Calls

So, after much investigation, I’ve figured out how to setup the iPhone and iPod touch to make free calls over wifi to any USA number.

First, install Fring for free from the app store.

While that is installing, go to your pc or mac, and go to VoipStunt and install it on your computer. The only reason your installing is to create an account.

Once you have VoipStunt installed and your account created, go to Fring on your iPhone, iPod touch, click on the More tab, then Add-ons.
-Click on the SIP option, and then click VoipStunt.
-Enter your Username and password and let it confirm.

You are now set up to make phone calls.
You have to enter 1 and the area code but if it’s in the USA it is a free call. The quality is pretty awesome and a great way to save minutes on iPhones and a great way to make a free call from the second gen iPod touch.

Unfortunately, you cannot get an incoming phone number yet, but the guys at Fring are working on it right now. I think making international calls is free for 1 minute, but to have more than that you have to buy credits.

I may make a video tutorial on how to do this, but it’s pretty self explanatory.

Youtube Spurs Music Creativity

I believe that there is more creativity on youtube with music than there is in a lot of places. It’s not unoriginal to take an idea of video looping and take it to a new level. Multi-track song editing and video editing is the new gig. This video is seriously amazing, and I wish I had the mind to be so creative and one day hope I can come up with something so clever. Enjoy. Also check out their youtube page PomplamooseMusic

You can purchase this song for .99 on iTunes HERE

Another youtube artist I hope to see music on iTunes very soon is Airto He sounds like Stevie Wonder and has just some amazing singing ability. I hope he keeps with the old style songs and I think he will do great. Amazing vocals and talented on many instruments as well. Here he is performing one of my favorite songs by Adele, “Chasing Pavements”


I’ve gained it and I’ve lost it. I haven’t been going to the gym like I usually do. Schedule is so busy, once or twice a week is all I am getting in.. I don’t like that. I’ve been eating way to many junky snack foods, that is over with. I have let my writing slip and not just write down random things. I’m going to fix that.

I don’t know what it is that causes us to lose motivation or in some instances momentum. We get rolling on something really good, but get so far away from where we started it fades into something we aren’t so sure about. I’m not sad or depressed, just feeling like I need some new motivation for the things that I enjoy doing so much.

So today that is all changing. What have you lost motivation for? Are you like me and want to be creative but sometimes don’t have the means to make what is in your head happen? Well, I saw a picture from a friend on twitter who didn’t let that get in the way. He wanted a sharkboy suit for his son, so he simply just started making one. Most of us may have looked at that and said it would be too hard or we couldn’t do it, but he decided to do it and the payoff was seeing the joy his son had, and one amazing Twitpic.

Motivation is out there. I think the key to it is setting your mind to it. It’s not something we can create or just comes upon us, it’s a decision. So don’t be like me and on a morning off, sit and wonder why your not motivated to do anything, and just do something.

Julia Nunes is Garage Band

Forget the mixing, and recording all the seperate tracks with Garage Band or any of that jazz. Julia Nunes does it all with layering videos over each other where she records everything from the drums, which are sometimes tissue boxes, harmonies, extra parts, tamborines, and other instruments I’ve never heard of. Anywho, she is my next prediction for artist from youtube you will see on MTV very soon. She has already gone on tour with Ben Folds in between her video recordings and being in college! Anywho, Check out a couple of her videos here and enjoy. I would recommend going to youtube and subscribing to her videos!

That Green Gentleman- Panic at the Disco. (Don’t be afraid it’s actually a great song!)

Accidentally in Love- Counting Crows

Another Day- Bathroom Cover

Another one of my bathroom cover installments. Prepare yourself for a lot of these and I just might do requests if you think a song will fit me well. I hopefully will have some of my own songs on here as well. Have some pretty good stuff just want the sound to be perfect. Thanks for checking them out and don’t forget to click HERE to go to my youtube page and comment and rate this video to help support me on youtube!

Bathroom Covers

I’m going to start doing some cover songs of favorite things I like. Just going to have fun singing songs I like in my bathroom. The acoustics aren’t perfect and I’m not going to spend money to get all sorts of professional recording stuff. Just going to have fun with it. This is a song by one of my favorite artists Jamie Lidell. The song is Multiply and one of my favs. Let me know what you think, unless it’s mean, in that case keep it to yourself.

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