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You Saw Me Where?

Well, you may not have recognized me, but might have picked up on my voice. In a silly moment I recorded a response on 12seconds.tv that recently got posted on Teccrunch! I have always dreamed of being featured for something I created on techcrunch, but never thought it would be so soon. Although it is a very small part of the post, this is what he said:

Here’s a gem from 12Seconds.tv, in which video uploaders are asked to answer the question of whether their vote counts

So I’m pleasured to have something created that’s considered a gem, and will have to keep working at it. You never know what someone might find funny! To see the video on the site go to TECH CRUNCH

10,000 Nights Of Thunder Bathroom Cover

Obama-Biden Obiden by the Rules

Listen up folks. I don’t support or claim support of any political party. If you want to know what I think ask, but don’t assume because I made this video I want to “Barack the Vote”

I saw tonight that Obama and Biden were running together and came up with the funny thought of “Obiden by the Rules”. It’s just a silly thing and that is all. If it ends up being a bumper sticker, or ends up being their campaign I will laugh my head off. Anywho, I’m sure someone else will say this but I’m pretty positive I coined it on my 12seconds.tv video, then on twitter, then to just put the last nail in the coffin, I made this youtube video… It’s short so enjoy!

I wish Steven Colbert was still running.. What a bummer.
and since this was posted at 3 AM… I had coffee at 9 and my wife has passed out on the couch, not pleased I’m sure.. But i’m a night owl. I had insomnia in highschool and took meds, and I prefer staying up late. It’s when I laugh the most, I create silly things, and nothing really matters.

Here’s my predictions of Phrases that will come from this campaign,

“Obiden the law”
“Obiden the rules”
“Obiden obedience”
“Obiden one kanobi”-this will spawn “Obiden the force”
“Obiden my country”
“Obiden my wife”

Big Things

No this isn’t about me having some important announcement or some new crazy invention( if you don’t know me, I come up with some new crazy idea more than once a day and once I do I’m fully dedicated and annoy people with it), but it is about me realizing how Big my God is. He does things and lets me be a part of things all the time that are big. Looking at my previous posts I’ve not posted much about what I’m about and what cool things God shares with me in my life.

I am part of what I can almost say without a doubt the best ‘student led’ worship bands in the nation. I think we will have more video up of them playing recently, but they are really just an amazing group of students. Please allow me to say, I am not boasting about my self in any way with this but God has truly taken the reigns on this and provided everything we needed and more. In the technology, social networking I know we all have attitudes of me me me, but for this let me say Him, Him, Him. I am little and with the doubt in my heart that this would ever take off proves how I wasn’t fully faithful in what He was doing. So the student bands are literally blowing my mind and it looks like God is providing great student singers to eventually take the reigns fully in leading there peers in a level of worship that won’t be able to be contained.

This social networking beast of blogs, tweets, 12seconds, streaming, and facebook are really much more of tools to be used than to be frowned upon. I know that in our culture time is something we are robbed of often by what we watch on tv, working to much(which seems just like anything we do in excess Satan is winning and God is not,hmmmm), or focusing to much on our familys. I assure you, if you take advantage of these tools to really connect with people who you haven’t connected with you will be delighted to see what can happen.

My church, wow. God is really soaring in every aspect of every ministry right now and it’s unbelievable to see the growth and dedication of people. We are reaching out to the community in big ways by giving them a new student facility, having a “university”, helping families with autism, helping families with anything and everything. We live in a very broken world, and we aren’t here as followers of Christ to condemn and cast out judgement, but we are here to lift them up and show them life. I would have never known life and how amazing it could be if it wasn’t for very amazing people my entire life who knew Christ and shined that light on every dark part of my life that all was left was brokenness and the fact I realized I couldn’t be complete without having that relationship with Him. Those people, the ragamuffins, the poor, the addicted, messed up marriages, messed up kids from their messed up families, single moms, I could go on and on, but what I’m trying to say if we are to be like Christ we are to go and sit and have dinner with the ones that noone likes. I am blessed to say that my church is fully committed to making sure that every person that walks in that door doesn’t feel like they are surrounded by Almighty people but they are with people whose lives are destroyed and broken down so God can be seen and lifted up.

If you read ANYTHING-read this!
Just like we do in our church world, I think there is a community out there that we are shutting out. We all go and comment on blogs of other churches and people doing the things we do. But have we really thought about the advantage of what God has given us? We don’t need another support system for ourselves, God supplies that through fellowship you have, prayer, and most likely people you work with in ministry. There is a broken world out there blogging and telling there stories everyday. Have you read them? Have you not judged them and just read it and left an encouraging comment? I don’t think this whole social networking tool will be fully used for God’s intentions for it, until we take ourselves out of the equation, our own agendas, and we go seek the lost and we encourage them through our relationships and how we live our lives.

So here is my challenge. Today, go find someone’s blog you’ve never read. Just click the next button. I’m sure you will come to something where someone needs some encouragement or a place to build a relationship so they can fully live life! Let’s stop worrying about promoting ourselves and start looking to connect with people who don’t even understand!

One more thing, Follow someone you wouldn’t follow on twitter. Become a friend, seek the lost people and help them share the same joy you have!