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Fall is Coming

I’m so ready for fall. Testing a post to WordPress.

Pixelated Jesus

I’ve been doing a lot of learning and growing in what I know about Christ and His heart and who God really is.
I’m finding more and more my previous image of God was extremely pixelated.

Pixalation: The display of large, blocky pixels in an image, caused by over-enlarging it

I think a lot of the times I’ve been zoomed in on one aspect of who God is and not stepped back to see the clear picture.
Up close, when I’m looking at just one aspect, things are blurry, I don’t really get the whole picture, and often confused.
The more I step back, learn from those wiser than me, allow God to teach me more about his heart, the less I see of my previous pixelated image.

I want to continue to add more pixels and step back further on my view of Christ to have a better image of who He is, who He has planned for me to be, and enjoy him in HIGH DEF!

Kittens Cam International News

Grazia Magazine
The kittens cam got featured in a UK magazine Grazia, where a BBC show host Lauren Lavern put it on her “Must List”
Pretty amazing stuff! It looks like a magazine similar to our entertainment weekly mixed with some fashion magazines.

Also, if you missed the kitten hand off video from youtube, here it is:

Please watch, rate, send to your friends, and if I win I will be giving away something from the prize package!

Sushi Bar Solution

This video was made by a couple guys trying to figure out how to set up the cameras to get some footage of a sushi bar. They decided to take their hands out of the equation and let the camera go on it’s on journey.

This just makes me think how sometimes we search for ways to be creative and the most obvious solution is right in front of us. Maybe it’s not even about creativity but just about getting our job done. Either way, what if the solution is so simple, already made, and right in front of you. I love being creative and try to find new ways to do so everyday, but this video made me think of when I might have missed an opportunity to catch something really unique.

So what thing are you trying to figure out how to do best or just trying to get done? Pause, for just a bit, and see if the solution isn’t already right in front of you.

This video may mean something totally different to you, but to me that’s what I took from it. Curious to see if it brings up any other thoughts in other folks.

So for me, I’m obviously trying to do something I can’t figure out how to do, and maybe the solution is in front of me? Hopefully it’s a free easy way like this track running around a sushi bar, but I’m guessing it will cost me a few bones in the end.

I’m thinking about taking my camera and putting it on the track at Krispy Kreme….

When I think of certain folks on twitter I think of Gilderoy Lockhart from Harry Potter. So full of himself and what was going on and everything he had accomplished and extremely boastful. Name dropping was common, talking about things he had done and seen, folks he knew, books he wrote. This is what I’m seeing a hugely popular theme among the Christian world on twitter.

I know some folks will be offended by this, but I’m pretty sure I’m right with my assumptions. What more is this than boasting? We are called to “Boast Only in Christ.”

Will we twitter in heaven? Will God care how many blog posts you did, how many betas you were in, how many early releases of albums you listen to, who you knew. I think he will care about one thing, if you knew his son.

While the Christian is busy twitter trimming there lists, retweeting every @reply to themselves, there are lost, broken people on twitter, blogging, ustreaming, stickam, mogulus, youtube, etc. What are you doing for them when you stop following them. How are you fulfilling the purpose of the body of Christ to secluding it to yourself and your small group of people.

I think if Paul were here today this would be a letter he would write to the church. I think there would be a lot of discouragement and sadness in how the church is functioning online.

This is all I have about this tonight but help me continue to digest on it. God has a mission and he will complete with or without you. So are you helping to complete his mission online?


Higher quality video and audio available on the youtube page.

My first original song I wrote years ago about watching a girl struggling through lots of stuff.

TokBox is Stellar

Tokbox is Stellar

As you can see there are 19 people in this live video chat. It maxed out for me around 28 people and was too laggy to really take advantage of. Some of the folks you see in the picture are Tony Steward John Arrington..Human3rror and Carlos Whitaker.. @loswhit or Ragamuffin Soul

This has a great interface and works awesome for doing multiple video chats with lots of folk and free. Be warned, when you join the chat and click allow webcam access your live online immediately! Pretty sick stuff! Best part is, no downloads! All web based so it doesn’t matter where you are you can strike up a video conversation.

Check out TokBox to video chat with all your friends at once!

Win a Laptop, Help Me Help You

UPDATE: It won’t be the 100th person but will be a randomly selected person from the list of comments! So get to commenting! It only takes 1 minute to do it and then your entered automatically to win the competition! I will need you to link back here to your comment on the blog so I can keep track.

I’m in a contest for a HUGE package of computers in sort of a pay it forward type of fashion. If I am the winner I will be giving away one of the laptops to the 100th person to comment on my “How To Blog” on Chris Pirillos Site Here. That’s right, I know it’s a lot of people but seriously. I have nearly 500 followers on twitter nearly 100 subscribers on youtube and 300 or so friends on facebook. So I don’t think 100 comments is too much to ask for.

The deal:

The comments MUST be relevant to the content! I wrote the post about a great iPhone app that helps you during scrabble by checking word or making words from your letters you have.
You cannot spam the comments! You can join in a conversation going on in the comment stream but you cannnot spam them.
Their will ONLY be a winner if I win! I don’t have a laptop to giveaway right now but if I win I will!

So help me help you! Win a free HP laptop and get to commenting and get your friends to comment HERE

This starts off slow but rolls into my very own style of this song. Hope you enjoy, and let me know what you think!

Make sure you watch till the end so you see why “I hope you don’t have to wear lipstick this Christmas” – This of course, is directed to guys.