So, I promised I would explain the purpose of my Mouse twitter avatar when I posted it awhile ago. I’ll keep it short and sweet.
The kittens cam was busy with a lot of traffic and lots of viewers, and I noticed in the chat stream that folks were talking about how “the mousey is staring at us” and funny things like that. The mousie sits on top of this UFO toy that has a ball that rolls around and it’s on a stick through the middle that sort of wobbles around. As the kittens got bigger, they would shift and move the ufo around a lot, but the mousie was ALWAYS looking right at the webcam. Lot’s of the fans of Daphne and the kittens did not like mousie, so I found great joy and giving close up shots on the camera of just the mousie and tormenting them with a still image of it whenever we would take a break to use the bathroom, switch rooms, or whatnot.
Anywho, after the kittens were gone, I wanted to play a little joke at the fans of the kittens and use it as my twitter avatar as a gag. I will be posting my own picture back now, since folks who see that a mouse is following them might not follow me back. Just wanted to document this for folks to see and for me to remember. Just a fun story!