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New Website

New Website!

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Mousie Avatar Explained

So, I promised I would explain the purpose of my Mouse twitter avatar when I posted it awhile ago. I’ll keep it short and sweet.
The kittens cam was busy with a lot of traffic and lots of viewers, and I noticed in the chat stream that folks were talking about how “the mousey is staring at us” and funny things like that. The mousie sits on top of this UFO toy that has a ball that rolls around and it’s on a stick through the middle that sort of wobbles around. As the kittens got bigger, they would shift and move the ufo around a lot, but the mousie was ALWAYS looking right at the webcam. Lot’s of the fans of Daphne and the kittens did not like mousie, so I found great joy and giving close up shots on the camera of just the mousie and tormenting them with a still image of it whenever we would take a break to use the bathroom, switch rooms, or whatnot.
Anywho, after the kittens were gone, I wanted to play a little joke at the fans of the kittens and use it as my twitter avatar as a gag. I will be posting my own picture back now, since folks who see that a mouse is following them might not follow me back. Just wanted to document this for folks to see and for me to remember. Just a fun story!

Pixelated Jesus

I’ve been doing a lot of learning and growing in what I know about Christ and His heart and who God really is.
I’m finding more and more my previous image of God was extremely pixelated.

Pixalation: The display of large, blocky pixels in an image, caused by over-enlarging it

I think a lot of the times I’ve been zoomed in on one aspect of who God is and not stepped back to see the clear picture.
Up close, when I’m looking at just one aspect, things are blurry, I don’t really get the whole picture, and often confused.
The more I step back, learn from those wiser than me, allow God to teach me more about his heart, the less I see of my previous pixelated image.

I want to continue to add more pixels and step back further on my view of Christ to have a better image of who He is, who He has planned for me to be, and enjoy him in HIGH DEF!

Good Morning

Just simply watch and enjoy.

I am also blogging this just so I will always have it on record for myself!

We played Casey Darnell’s “Come To The Cross” @ Brookwood Church

You can buy the song on iTunes Here

Insomnia & Me

I was diagnosed with insomnia in high school. I was working in a movie theater and staying out till very late, sometimes we wouldn’t screen a movie until 2 and 3am. I would get my popcorn, grab a huge soda, and sit in a theater and watch a movie. A majority of the time it was several of us, but on occassion we would each sit alone in a theater to make sure it ran well. I remember watching The Skulls at 3am, by myself, with a huge glass of Cherry Coke and popcorn…. That is when I knew I was not like everyone else.

I would go on church trips and I remember laying in bed, eyes open, unable to sleep. I would stare at the clock, which is what most insomniacs complain about, I also would watch smoke detectors blinking on and off…

My mom saw there was an issue, so I went to the doctor and got put on meds. There was about a 15 minute window before I feel asleep wherever I was once I was on the meds. That helped for quite a bit, but the meds had a side effect that would wake me up after a few hours and keep me awake the rest of the night.

I’ve always enjoyed sleep, but always had a hard time getting to sleep.

What do you do to help you go to sleep? I’ve always been a night owl, and sometimes struggle to get to sleep. I had more to talk about with this but TOTALLY blanked out on it!


I was going to write this, but it started raining, @ exactly 1:44. We have metal awnings, so it’s very loud. How weird though, 1:44am…… 2:00am….3:33am……morning light…

#headsortails Twitter Game

Heads or Tails
Today, I flipped my coin in my car on whether or not to go to the gym. I was wanting to go home and chill, but saw the half dollar on my floorboard(keep it to practice coin rolling @ stoplights), and flipped. I got heads, so I went to the gym.
I have some friends, @justcallmee and @jayhyles, who also do something very interesting and fun with a coin toss. They flip a coin and let the coin decide whether or not they go left or right. They do it into the wee hours of the morning to see where they end up!

So, how can you get involved?

Get a coin. I prefer half dollars. Keep it with you in your pocket all the time.
Anytime you see yourself with a tough decision, go to the coin.
Tweet out the question, and the outcome with the hashtag #headsortails. (I know it’s a long hashtag, if you have a better idea lemme know so we can get this game rolling)

DO NOT…. let this determine whether or not eat, cheat, lie, steal, kill, suicide, etc.
This is meant to be for fun and nothing more.

To follow this event and see what other folks are doing, simply click the #headsortails hashtag on twitter and see what all folks have let a coin decide.

I want to get this thing rolling, so Re-tweet, digg, stumble-upon, and all that jazz to get this game rolling.