Well, I have had a cold for a couple of days, but it has all blurred into one day of sleeping and waking up to eat. I’m a believer that if you get sick to take the time off, rest, and get better much faster.

Anywho, during this sleeping and all that jazz, I’ve realized something that I’ve realized for awhile. I love video games and gaming, but part of me is getting bored with them. It’s not that it robs me of time, or keeps me from doing other things, but they are just getting to be the same ole thing. Now when doped up on meds, I can easily sit and play the games, but I think my focus on them is over.

I think I feel like there are too many other things to do so I can’t waist my time on them. If that’s a blog, working on music, reading, exercising, spending time with my wife, etc. I’m not done with video games, but they are becoming far less interesting to me at this time in my life.

I just find that funny. So, maybe my time away from them will produce more blogs, more pictures, more stories, more songs, more life.
I will still game on occasion and if you are a gamer make sure to add me on PS3: boomerang82.

Also, if a guy can be stranded on an island, or in the woods, and just eat the bare minimum, what keeps me from eating that? I know they don’t have the same amount of energy, but it makes me wonder what is the minimum amount of calories I can function well within a day is. Not to lose weight, just curious as to why I have the desire to eat so much food, and what I could do without and still function the same.

Just my thoughts from being in a daze for over 24 hours.