3amJosh Happy Feet
So i’ve been doing this 3amjosh thing for just a year. That includes, twitter, this blog, livestreaming, youtube, and all that jazz. So, for a first year I have some pretty good stats! This is really just for me to keep a record but might be interesting to see some cool things that have happened.

-362 Twitpics taken.
-7,362 Twitter Updates that’s approximately 1, 030, 680 Characters!
-20,476 3amjosh.com views with the busiest day being 1,103 views.
-Over 580,000 Google search results for “3amjosh” That number has changed anywhere from 480,000 to as high as 890,000. Not
sure how that works. That messes with my head.
-47 Youtube Videos Made with a total of 38, 583 views on just my 3amjosh videos
-Featured on TechCrunch Here The 12seconds.tv video is me.
-A blog posted on Chris Pirillos site Here
-A ustream channel that has gotten over 125,000 views, featured on the ustream iPhone app, blogged about on jezebel.com and more sites that I can’t think of right now.
-Won a PS3 from Com.puter.tv, a skateboard from 12seconds.tv, a t-shirt from Pimpmynews.com, French Press from Coffeecupnews.org, and other things.

So, that is a general summary of some stats just in this past year. I’ve had fun being creative, trying things like Coffee and Cereal, singing in the bathroom, and who knows what’s next. I will try more things that won’t work, try things that do, but I won’t stop even if something doesn’t work. As long as I am having fun and being creative I will keep twittering, vloging, singing, streaming, pic posting, and all that fun stuff.

This is all just for fun for me and I know my stats aren’t even close to other folks out there, but for my first year with all of it, it’s cool for me, and that’s all that matters!

What are your stats within your first year or years? I would love to see them, so maybe we can make this a blogging game. Blog your stats from your online activity and post a link in the comments here if you’d like, or simply @ reply me on twitter to see your post.