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Hashtags create community, in just one word, that you can immediately find out who is interested in the same things. You don’t have to join the group, get approved, have friends already that you know are interested. It’s sort of a self-affirmation, but more so it let’s you know that you have others that are like you.

Just like this picture I’ve got above here. Star Wars conventions are something that sprung to my mind when I thought of people who all have the same like and gather together, dress up silly, and share on what they all know a ton about. So if I want to find other folks who like the same thing, I simply just use the hashtag, or make it and send it out to other folks to see if they like it.

Facebook makes that so much harder, and with the new layout, you can’t easily find your groups without visiting your own profile to see what groups you are a part of.

Hashtags start up a conversation and it runs strong. Some have not been created yet, and some just aren’t very strong yet. One that I know I will be a part of is #nailbiter. I may only tweet about it once, but I get in trouble all the time with my wife for it.

Hashtags are super easy, facebook groups are pretty much dead to me.
Join the flow of the hashtag, or find folks with like interest and see what they have said about it.

UPDATE: Orangejack asked a good tool to use to follow hashtags, and today Tinker was released as announced by TechCrunch
Also, I recommend using Twemes or Search.Twitter

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Daze Go By

Well, I have had a cold for a couple of days, but it has all blurred into one day of sleeping and waking up to eat. I’m a believer that if you get sick to take the time off, rest, and get better much faster.

Anywho, during this sleeping and all that jazz, I’ve realized something that I’ve realized for awhile. I love video games and gaming, but part of me is getting bored with them. It’s not that it robs me of time, or keeps me from doing other things, but they are just getting to be the same ole thing. Now when doped up on meds, I can easily sit and play the games, but I think my focus on them is over.

I think I feel like there are too many other things to do so I can’t waist my time on them. If that’s a blog, working on music, reading, exercising, spending time with my wife, etc. I’m not done with video games, but they are becoming far less interesting to me at this time in my life.

I just find that funny. So, maybe my time away from them will produce more blogs, more pictures, more stories, more songs, more life.
I will still game on occasion and if you are a gamer make sure to add me on PS3: boomerang82.

Also, if a guy can be stranded on an island, or in the woods, and just eat the bare minimum, what keeps me from eating that? I know they don’t have the same amount of energy, but it makes me wonder what is the minimum amount of calories I can function well within a day is. Not to lose weight, just curious as to why I have the desire to eat so much food, and what I could do without and still function the same.

Just my thoughts from being in a daze for over 24 hours.

Kittens Cam International News

Grazia Magazine
The kittens cam got featured in a UK magazine Grazia, where a BBC show host Lauren Lavern put it on her “Must List”
Pretty amazing stuff! It looks like a magazine similar to our entertainment weekly mixed with some fashion magazines.

Also, if you missed the kitten hand off video from youtube, here it is:

I have been doing covers of songs in my bathroom since September 2008. I saw no one else was doing it on youtube and thought it was unique enough it might catch folks attention as something different.

Ellen has announced a contest for folks “Singing in the bathroom” and I feel that I have a great chance to win this since I’ve been doing it before she announced this competition.

Anywho, I’m the number one google search result for “Bathroom Covers” and have fun with my covers. If you would PLEASE help me out by watching this, going to the VIDEO and rating and commenting, I would appreciate it a TON! If I get on the show I will be sure to shout out the reasons I got there were because of the encouragement of friends and folks who have stuck with me through all of my weird ideas.

Whitewater Falls

This is a picture of the Lower White Water falls from the outlook and there are more if you just click the picture. In one of the images you can also see the plane that crashed there back in the 70s from another hiker who told us the story. There are also some pics from the upper whitewater falls as well. Hope you enjoy and if you get a chance go up and hike on a weekend afternoon.


Kitten cam will be ending soon, and we have made a lot of friendships and met lots of cool people on ustream.
So, the folks that do well on ustream have a purpose, some reason they live stream.
After the kittens are gone, what will I do with it.
Jason @ Coffeecupnews suggested I really wake up and do the live 3am stream where I do stuff or try to answer questions.
Giveaways work really well.

It’s build up a lot of folks we’ve connected with and want to keep doing occasional shows and have fun with it.

What would you live stream?

People are so acquainted with my bathroom maybe I will live stream other parts of my house.
“3amjosh in the Kitchen” or dining room, living room, spare bedroom, attic, front porch, roof, etc.
I’m sure I will come up with something silly that no one cares to watch, but you never know! I never thought kittens would draw over 125,000 views in several weeks.

3amJosh in a Year

3amJosh Happy Feet
So i’ve been doing this 3amjosh thing for just a year. That includes, twitter, this blog, livestreaming, youtube, and all that jazz. So, for a first year I have some pretty good stats! This is really just for me to keep a record but might be interesting to see some cool things that have happened.

-362 Twitpics taken.
-7,362 Twitter Updates that’s approximately 1, 030, 680 Characters!
-20,476 views with the busiest day being 1,103 views.
-Over 580,000 Google search results for “3amjosh” That number has changed anywhere from 480,000 to as high as 890,000. Not
sure how that works. That messes with my head.
-47 Youtube Videos Made with a total of 38, 583 views on just my 3amjosh videos
-Featured on TechCrunch Here The video is me.
-A blog posted on Chris Pirillos site Here
-A ustream channel that has gotten over 125,000 views, featured on the ustream iPhone app, blogged about on and more sites that I can’t think of right now.
-Won a PS3 from, a skateboard from, a t-shirt from, French Press from, and other things.

So, that is a general summary of some stats just in this past year. I’ve had fun being creative, trying things like Coffee and Cereal, singing in the bathroom, and who knows what’s next. I will try more things that won’t work, try things that do, but I won’t stop even if something doesn’t work. As long as I am having fun and being creative I will keep twittering, vloging, singing, streaming, pic posting, and all that fun stuff.

This is all just for fun for me and I know my stats aren’t even close to other folks out there, but for my first year with all of it, it’s cool for me, and that’s all that matters!

What are your stats within your first year or years? I would love to see them, so maybe we can make this a blogging game. Blog your stats from your online activity and post a link in the comments here if you’d like, or simply @ reply me on twitter to see your post.