So, as a former intern at Bigstuf and enjoying all the information brought by Reggie and the laughs that Lanny would always create, I’m excited to see the ideas and new things that come out of Orange Conference this year. So, here are the break-outs I’ll be checking out and why:

Breakout A: Orange-ology: The Teen Years- Part 1… Why? I work with students who I’m helping to lead people in worship and I could use having some more insight on students
Breakout B: OrangeOlogy: The Teen years- Part 2… Why? Same reasons as above 😀
Breakout C: INFLUENCE: Moblizing the Next Generation… Why? This is what I do and I want to know how to do it better. We have 26 students in various worship bands that lead worship for middle and high schoolers and have led worship for over 8,000 at our 15th year anniversary. I want them to be awesome at what they do!
Breakout D: MESSAGE: The Art of Producing a Sunday Experience… Why? Looking for ways to better connect our students during worship.

So there you go. I’m excited about meeting a lot of folks I have connected with in twitter in real life, and excited to see how God will bring the team I am a part of closer together.