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When I think of certain folks on twitter I think of Gilderoy Lockhart from Harry Potter. So full of himself and what was going on and everything he had accomplished and extremely boastful. Name dropping was common, talking about things he had done and seen, folks he knew, books he wrote. This is what I’m seeing a hugely popular theme among the Christian world on twitter.

I know some folks will be offended by this, but I’m pretty sure I’m right with my assumptions. What more is this than boasting? We are called to “Boast Only in Christ.”

Will we twitter in heaven? Will God care how many blog posts you did, how many betas you were in, how many early releases of albums you listen to, who you knew. I think he will care about one thing, if you knew his son.

While the Christian is busy twitter trimming there lists, retweeting every @reply to themselves, there are lost, broken people on twitter, blogging, ustreaming, stickam, mogulus, youtube, etc. What are you doing for them when you stop following them. How are you fulfilling the purpose of the body of Christ to secluding it to yourself and your small group of people.

I think if Paul were here today this would be a letter he would write to the church. I think there would be a lot of discouragement and sadness in how the church is functioning online.

This is all I have about this tonight but help me continue to digest on it. God has a mission and he will complete with or without you. So are you helping to complete his mission online?


Higher quality video and audio available on the youtube page.

My first original song I wrote years ago about watching a girl struggling through lots of stuff.